#10andFabulous – CDOBloggers Celebrated 10th Year!

Time flies! It’s truly an amazing feat when something reaches a decade and even going stronger with no signs of stopping. That is The CDOBloggers Network (CBN) – Cagayan de Oro’s premier network of bloggers. This was started by Chiq Montes and some blogging enthusiasts 10 years ago that eventually became a SEC-registered organization along with few committed pioneering members at that time who saw the potential of the org. Fast forward to 2018, the organization breeds emerging bloggers and vloggers who are passionate with their craft and is aligned with the organization’s core mission which is to promote Cagayan de Oro City.

Because we are celebrating our 10 years anniversary, the officers agreed to do something big and unforgettable in celebrating the org’s 10th year. Thus, the realization of the KExTour2018 (Kagay-an Experience Tour 2018) and of course the Bloggers Ball to cap off the KExTour2018 and celebrate the anniversary.

The Bloggers Ball

Pulling off the Bloggers Ball wasn’t a walk in the park. The officers had series of meetings and brainstorming to ensure the Ball is realized and that everyone will have a grand time celebrating. Thanks to President Maia Poblete for giving her all, pulling the right strings, to give the cdobies and our guests a fabulous night. The officers had to do a lot of last minute party fixing! AVPs, Decorations, lights, sounds, venue arrangement, and the technical issues close to the start of the program. Thank God for everyone’s patience! It helped that we all remained calm and went through the process of putting everything together until we are ready!

The ball was themed “Rebels in Black & Gold: The CDO Bloggers 10th Anniversary Bloggers Ball”. And as members and guests started arriving at the venue, I got so excited that everytime I see someone coming in, I would gasp in excitement because boy oh boy! everyone surely looked amazing and right on point with their outfits! I was impressed!

I was tasked to host the party along with my partner in hosting as always Edu. We didn’t have the time to go through the program as we were both busy the days before and even on the day of the party (him – venue and decors, me with the AVPs). Thankfully we were able to do our parts and were glad to see everyone smiling and laughing with our “antics” whatever you guys call it on stage. Key was just be our normal crazy self! and it always worked! hahaha! Crazy is the new ready!

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Ditch the DIY and #SwitchtoHeySugar

I have a little confession to make .. I am stingy. I hate to spend so much on everything! So wherever I can save, I’ll stick to it. That includes shopping, eating out, even self-pampering. I see to it that I get the best deals but of course not compromising quality. Speaking of self-pampering, skin care included. I admit, I do a lot of DIYs when it comes to skin care, and that includes waxing my Underarm. At some point, I find it okay but then later on, I find it really tedious and ineffective. I remember one time, I ended up burning parts of my underarms (I was using hot wax), imagine the misery! I tried of course using cold wax after that incident, but I had little success as well. I would end up sucking up that prickly feeling as I try to strip off the seem stubborn underarms hair. I therefore concluded, my attempt to DIY the waxing is time consuming, tedious, and painful! Okay, so we know us women have incredibly high pain thresholds (hello, childbirth? high heels?), but doesn’t mean we will have to endure some pains when we can actually do something about it and go pain free! So I gave up! Thank God I found a place to get the job done and raise my arms confidently and pain free! I switched to Hey Sugar.

Waxing doesn’t have to be painful as you imagine, or as you do it yourself :D. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and what waxing method to choose.

Why #SwitchtoHeySugar?
In the spirit of this year’s National Hair Free Day, Hey Sugar is letting you in on a secret – sugar waxing is a nearly pain-free way of dealing with unwanted hair.

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Ultra Trail 50 and Grand Slam Quest Sealed

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up!

The quote spoke life to me because I literally did all of those at the end of my grand slam quest of the Mapawa Trail Run Series 2018. Less than a week ago, I was able to redeem myself from my failed attempt to earn a grand slam finish last year. The recent Ultra Trail Fifty finish was truly one for the books for me. It was very memorable as it brought me from my lowest to lowest to my highest to highest physically, mentally and emotionally. Me and my team prepared for it, we trained hard, made Mapawa our training and playground for almost 2 months. I personally had guidance from a seasoned ultra trail runner so I was kind of confident that I’ll make it to the Finish Line in one piece this time. Goal was to finish strong but first get pass through the initial cutoff (9 hrs) as it was at this point last year that our 50km race ended then be at the finish line before the cut-off.

Race day, we were more excited than nervous. It was great to see friends from the growing trail running community in Mindanao, most of them I just see on Facebook. Personally met some elite trail runners too and also met new friends.

Pre-race chill! Good friends (ultra runner Kai) and Elena while waiting for Gun start
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