6 Ways To Wear A Wrap

Who would have thought that simple wrap we usually bring to the beach for our usual cover-up can be more than just that?! I personally have tried doing more of it than the usual wrapping it around my chest. I have tried doing the halter style but somehow I was never that comfortable with how I did it.


Browsing through this virtual world, I found this interesting DIY by DWDShoes where the “sarong” is showcased as item of the week and their ideas are just amazing! Who needs to buy cover-ups when you have a Wrap that you can wear in 6 different ways!

wrap dress strapless

This is my second favorite, the Strapless Dress. I love the idea of using a bangle to make this look sexy and gorgeous! I tried it myself and now I can’t wait to go to the beach and sport this!

wrap dress flirty halter

The Flirty halter dress is my most favorite! I normally do the halter before but I am less impressed with myself with it. Then I saw this and I know I have to rock this style! The bangle is doing a lot of magic! It gives the neck some room not being covered by the wraps.

wrap dress casual slouch

And here’s a casual slouch. I think this works great with the slim body type, especially if your wrap is way too big, this is a good idea.

I know by now you are itching to know how to do all these, so before I continue to show the rest of the wrap styles, here’s the detailed tutorial video on how to do all these:

wrap dress halter

Gorgeous! I also love the halter top! Perfect for those sexy shorts :) . A little conservative on the front but wait till they see your sexy back!

wrap dress

Get stylish and sexy with the One-shoulder wrap dress! I tried doing this and I find it a little tricky and hard without looking at the video. This is supposed to be just easy but because I am not used to doing this style, I needed to take a good look. Also if you are a medium-large frame, you may need a bigger wrap because this one you’ll have to wrap around the body before finally tying it to a knot or use bangle to accentuate the shoulder knot.

wrap dress sassy drape cardigan

Finally the cardigan. Take note that you will have to use the wrap vertically this time. This can be a little tricky and more complicated to accomplish compared to the other ones shown above but with constant practice, you’ll get it.

There you go! Aren’t you also excited now to experiment with your wraps the next time you’ll wear it? Don’t be boring, get into it, experiment a little and trust me, you’ll look extra sexy even without baring it all.


Beauty Fix : Sulta Flawless Beauty Set

Hello everyone! I’ve missed writing here and I’ve missed sharing some thoughts and discovered beauty fixes and ideas.  I am having so much difficulty in balancing my time between work, household chores and some errands. It sucks that my blogging is somehow compromised. I am determined though to keep this page updated as I cannot afford to just leave this baby behind.

So anyway, let me share to you some horrible skin issue I had to go through last April (see? I have been away THAT long!). So yes,  I was having this battle with breakouts (like I feel they were uncontrollable!). It usually happens when my time of the month is coming. I somehow got used to it because they usually just disappear after a week or two. But that time though, my uninvited facial guests decided to camp out and stay a bit longer than they usually do (with no hint of leaving my face alone as new “occupants” seemed to be popping out from nowhere!) I totally felt and looked horrible and I just felt so helpless. I was supposed to give my dermatologist a visit but my hectic (azz iff!) schedule just didn’t allow me to do so – add the factor of laziness.

A friend told me to try and sign up for Sutla Flawless Products as it might help. Obviously I did and I chose to get the facial set – “Rejuvenating Set”. It consisted of a Rejuvenating Facial Toner, Flawless Moisturizing Cream and a BB Cream w/ sunblock and anti-agieng formula.

Sutla Flawless Toner, Moisturizing Cream, BB Cream set

Sutla Flawless Toner, Moisturizing Cream, BB Cream set

Of course I tried the set ones I received them from Flawless Papaya Republic and I was totally amazed with the result. It dried up the stubborn pimples, prevented them from coming and mildly exfoliated my skin thus making it lighter than the usual. I was happy with the result (pimples gone) but was even happier when my mom and some friends pointed out that I am glowing and even asked what did I apply to make it look glowing — not totally pimple free but it has this very noticeable radiance. I have Sulta Flawless products to thank for! From the facial soap to of course these three amazing products I have used.

flawless soap

I absolutely recommend this set if you want to have a fairer and healthier looking skin. With the BB Cream, I didn’t have to use any more foundation or powder as I am completely satisfied with it.

To Use:

  • Wash face (preferably with Sulta Flawless Facial Soap – Papaya, Guava or my favorite Noni Mangosteen) then rinse
  • Apply toner on face with a piece of cotton twice daily (morning and before bedtime)
  • Apply flawless moisturizing cream
  • Morning: use the BB cream as your foundation (it already has sunblock)

Sutla Products are manufactured by GLOWCAL Manufacturing Corporation. If you want to try Flawless’ products, you may visit their Facebook Page and see all details from there on how to order. They even open to resellers. As for me, one thing for sure, I am sticking to the toner and the soap.

Top 7 Women’s Swimwear Trends

Summer is a season for outdoor activities and for most of us  a trip to the beach is among the to do list during this hot season. In case some of you are still undecided which swimwear to wear flaunting that summer bud you’ve been working so hard and sweating out to prepare for this time of year, let me help you decide through these top swimwear trends for women.

Cutout Swimsuits

If two-piece is too much for you but you don’t mind showing some skin, the Cut Out Swimsuit suits you best. The cutaways are marking a return amongst the swimwear trends of 2014/2015. What I love about the cut out swimwears is that it flatters the body.

swimwear cutout

One-Shoulder Swimsuits

Add a dash of elegance on your swimwear. The One-should swimsuit gives just that. You are probably not used into wearing a one-shouldered swimsuit (probably weird?). Well, a one-shoulder swimsuit is a glamorous alternative to the traditional tank-style one piece.

swimsuit_one shouldered

Mesh Swimsuits
Here’s another swimwear that will allow you to show some skin without feeling completely naked.

Summer Nails 2014

It’s summer officially and because I am such a lively person (*eherm*) I obviously love colorful stuff. Summer is do doubt the perfect season to be all colorful and bright! But don’t get too excited with colors ladies, make sure also you won’t look like the red traffic light stopping everyone at your very presence and worst leaving them to stare (in a not so good way). What I am saying is, do your research and look for the bright colors that compliment your skin tone the best! THAT – talking about clothing fashion.

Anyway, today is not for OOTD. I want to share my nail color pegs for summer. On being colorful, the nails are the best accessories we have that we can afford to be changing as often as we want to! Different colors, different shapes and coats! However you want it, it’s up to you. Here are SOME colors I would recommend to sport on this bright and hot season.

Summer nails_sunset

summer nails polish_

summer nail polish_easter egg

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