#makeITsafePH How to Surf the Net Safely

There’s no denying that the Internet has already been an integral part of our daily lives. The Internet has become a source of information for almost everything that is detrimental to our daily living. With just one click, you get answers to your questions about a lot of things. But the most benefit that everyone get from the Internet is the communication. It bridges the gap and made communication instant and very affordable compared to the past years where people have to wait for days or even months to hear from their loved ones who are away for work or vacation or for whatever reason. With today’s technology and Internet, your love ones is just a chat or a video call away!

Do you know that Philippines now has 67 million Internet users, with all of them active on social media? This is according to the report conducted by Hootsuite  a US-based social media management platform, this  social media and digital trends around the world report called “Digital in 2018”. Imagine 67MILLION Filipinos on the Internet! While it’s great to know that millions of Filipinos are enjoying this trend and lifestyle, there’s also this apprehension of its safeness. It’s also a fact that a lot of people have become victims to different kinds of crimes small or big with the Internet as its portal. This happens on Social Media and by simply surfing the net.

Talking about surfing the net, it seems really harmless right? You just open a browser (Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari) and type in the website’s url you want to visit and viola, it’s there! But do you know that with just simply browsing the net you can be in danger or harm? You can be tracked, hackers can have access on your computer and worst comes in when they get access to your personal information! You wouldn’t want that to happen right?

To help you avoid compromising your privacy and safety online, here are basic but essential tips for you.

Be careful what links you click on – Avoid clicking links in an email, Instant Message or on your social network unless you are sure  where and who the message is coming from. Avoid clicking on ads because mainly those are bait and unsecured aiming to just fish personal information. Be vigilant also with cybercriminals possibly hacking on your friends or family’s accounts. These people who have hacked into other people’s account would go into the list of people in the account hacked and would often ask for money related help. Always verify with the person concerned.

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Buy Wholesale to Enjoy Better Profit Margin

With the change of weather taking place in different parts of the world, we see people traveling from one place to another to order to escape from the cold winter to enjoy the warm sunny beaches of another country. Yearly, there will be exodus of tourists from the countries going through the cold winter to countries with warm weather. I know of friends who make yearly trips to Asian countries to escape the extremely cold weather in their homeland. Some of them make the trips due to health reasons.

These friends not only just travel to enjoy the warm weather of their holiday destinations but at the same time, they buy back souvenirs and goodies to distribute to their friends. There are some who will buy and make a profit out of the goods they buy by selling to their friends when they are back home.

I have friends who will buy many things in bulk to sell to their friends and make good profit out of it. We normally will buy one unit and save the money for other items for our own use, but for those who are in business, it is a different story all together. Buying in bulk is cheaper and help save cost, and with the extra money saved, it can be used to invest in more goods. My friend started out buying small items such as cosmetics, accessories, etc. and reselling them to her college friends with a small profit.

Fast forward, this friend has since made quite a substantial profit to pay for her tuition fees when she was in college. She is still in this part time business as she has her own group of faithful buyers or customers. She has also included buying wholesale glasses to add to the variety of choices for her customers.

One of her main suppliers is the Apparel Candy wholesaler. This is where she sources for the latest and trendiest fashion sunglasses, buying them at affordable below-wholesale price. There is an extensive selection of wholesale sunglasses from Aviator, Classic, Novelty, as well as vintage and polarized sunglasses. There is a current demand for vintage sunglasses and she has increased the vintage sunglasses wholesale orders.

Besides adult sunglasses, wholesalers are offering children’s sunglasses as well. Other than sunglasses, the wholesalers also supplies driving, reading glasses, ski goggles, etc. There are also accessories such as string, stands, cases, etc. for the glasses.

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Completed 21km Trail Run – Mapawa Trail Series 2018

April 29 – Endurance warriors toe the line at the Mapawa Trail Series’ first leg ready to experience and conquer the challenging trails of Mapawa Nature Park. More than a hundred of excited and dauntless faces showed up at the starting line in Mapawa Nature Park to take on the first longer distance challenge for this year’s Mapawa Trail Series. Though the Mapawa Trail Run have been around for the past 6 years, this is only the 2nd year for the Mapawa Trail Series where the event is composed of 3 legs (1st leg 5km & 21km in April, 2nd leg 10km &42km in July, 3rd leg 15km & the ultra trail marathon 50km in October). I have participated in last year’s series and was aiming to go for grandslam (meaning I had to finish the 3 longer distances per leg) but failed on my ultra50 attempt due to not making it on time in the initial cut-off. That was a tough blow for me and the team, but it gave us valuable lessons which we make sure not to commit this time on our second attempt.

This year, the Mapawa Trail Series made a huge improvement in terms of organizing the event. For one, the medal have improved (though we didn’t receive the finisher’s medal right after the race due to supplier’s non-deliverance of the ordered medals on time) but design-wise and material-wise, it improved a LOT!, and there’s the finishers shirt (we didn’t have one last year) which I love by the way because it made an emphasis on the “TRAIL” finisher on its design at the back. Every runner who crossed that finish line should be proud wearing that finisher’s shirt because what we went through in order to cross that finish line wasn’t a walk in the park. The abundance of water, drinks, and runners foods at every Aid Station was also a great help!

Another great improvement is Mapawa Trail Series teaming up with RaceYaya an online registration portal for runners and a complete race registration management portal for race organizers which made this year’s series very convenient and efficient from registration online, distribution of race kits on promised dates, to claiming of timing chips and registration during the race, tracking each runner, and finally the prompt availability of the race results allowing the runners to evaluate their trail run race performance. Shoutout to RaceYaya’s staff for a great job at the event – and being friendly and accommodating to the trail runners on the side.

Crossing the finish line! My second 21km trail run finish. My second time but why was  I still emotional? It didn’t actually show because I am so good at hiding but deep inside I am screamingggg damn! that was tough!

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