Why Use Makeup Brushes

When it comes to good makeup application, the makeup brushes you choose make a big difference. That is why investing in good and quality makeup brushes is a great idea. A set More »

Why Use Makeup Brushes

When it comes to good makeup application, the makeup brushes you choose make a big difference. That is why investing in good and quality makeup brushes is a great idea. A set won’t be the most inexpensive stash to have but trust me, you will really appreciate them ones you have them and actually use them.

I am among the many who does not really give much attention to makeup brushes (because I personally think they are way too expensive to have). So yes, I am guilty of buying the cheap ones but I also have to admit that I didn’t have the best experience in using them. Do you know that using the right makeup brushes and tools will not only help give you a flawless makeup look but it will also help your makeup products last longer because using brushes in your application means you are keeping your hands off your colors and formulas.

One of my friends shared to me her set of brushes and I totally saw the difference! So I decided to look for a set that will not empty my wallet but at the same time something that is of good quality. After many browse and clicks, I finally found one from tmart. tmart makeup brush

May I just say that I super duper love this set! AND it’s very affordable! And yes, yes, absolutely adore the color (a sucker for pink here – yes, guilty as charged ^_^). The brush set comes with this checkered pink and black pouch making it possible for me to bring them when I go out.

The brush set contains:

  • Powder Brush – this is a must-have for dusting powder on the face. More effective and convenient to use. Using a powder brush assures you of an evenly applied powder/foundation.
  • Blusher Brush – my most favorite! I love how it feels so soft on the cheek. Use the blusher blush to sweep blush or bronzer on your cheeks.
  • Concealer Brush – use the concealer to cover a multitude of imperfections: blemishes, scars, brown spots, broken capillaries, and most commonly, dark circles.
  • Eyeshadow Brush – of course, a better way to apply eyeshadow (than your fingertips – again, I am guilty of this!). This gives the lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would.
  • Lip Brush – While we are very used to applying lipstick directly, using a lip brush will make a precise lip color application easy. Cover the brush with lipstick and start applying from the center of the lips blending out to the edges.
  • Eyebrow Brush – or the eyeliner/brow brush. This is very important in filling your eyebrows and works great specially in creating that perfectly shaped brow line.
  • Fan Brush – Probably like me, you have been wondering what’s the use of this fan brush? Well,t his brush actually has several uses. it can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight cheekbones.
  • Eyelash Brush – this eyelash brush looks like the mascara brush. This is called the spoolie brush and is the best kept secret for brows. The Spoolie brush can also be used to remove mascara clumps and separate lashes.
  • Sponge Applicator – the sponge tip application is designed to evenly apply, smudge and blend make-up eye products. Use this to smudge my eyeshadows or eyeliners.

Overall, I am super happy with this makeup brush set though I know soon I will also have to look for another set (set of 16 or 18 perhaps). If you want to have this for yourself, check it out at Tmart.co.uk and check their varieties of Products at a manufacturer Price and offers Free Shipping Worldwide or better yet click HERE to be directed straight to this 10 pieces makeup brush set.


Angelina Jolie is Mrs. Brad Pitt

And her gown is absolutely gorgeous! I am not really super crazy about them but I admire them for the way they have set an example to the world on how to love children whether they are biologically yours or not. I just love the way they love their children!

Who could miss the recent news that’s been circulating everywhere about the couple’s sort of secret wedding totally sealing the deal with I do’s. I totally adore Angelina’s gown, not only because it is made by Luigi Massi, the master tailor at Atelier Versace but because Angelina Jolie made sure their kids are also seen in it. Notice those sewed colorful designs on her wedding dress? They are their children’s creations making her wedding dress extra special.


Photo Credits: Hello International Magazine

angelina jolie gown closer look


The wedding was said to be very private as only 20 of the couple’s friends and family members were present to witness them exchange vows and celebrate with them. Of course the kids played very important roles in the wedding. Eldest sons Maddox, 13, and Pax, 10 (who also baked the cake), walked their mom down the aisle; 9 year old Zahara and 6 year old Vivienne tossed petals gathered from the garden as the flower girls; and 8 year-old Shiloh and 6 year-oldKnox served as ring bearers. The kids also helped write their parents’ vows. The wedding was held at he chapel of Château Miraval, the family’s estate in the French village of Correns.

And here's another photo courtesy of People magazine

And here’s another photo courtesy of People magazine

So what do you think of Angelina and Brad Pitt’s wedding? And yes, what do you think of her wedding gown?

More Photos courtesy of Angelina Jolie FB Page:

brangelina wedding cake

Beginner Makeup Tips and Tricks

I personally love to wear makeup, just a simple one. I have to admit that I cannot leave the house with a bare face. I’d feel so naked if I’ll do. My usual routine is Sunblock cream, BB Cream/liquid foundation, eyebrow (if I have the time), eyeliner and a quick mascara to open my eyes and a lipstick then I’m good to go! I rarely put on some blush.

I know a lot of women doesn’t like to put on some makeup for various reasons (time, lack of skills, skin issues, or they’re just not used to it). Some even think they don’t need it, not for any reason. Of course I respect that. But I truly believe that whether we love to put on some makeup or not, it is important that we have the knowledge how to do it because there will be a point in our lives ladies, that we will have to put on some face colors by ourselves. If you feel that you don’t have the skills and the knowledge to do makeup by themselves, this one is for you.

beginner makeup tips

Makeup can either make you or break you so be sure that when you decide to put some on, at least know the basics. Youtube is a great source I must say! There are tons of tutorials uploaded from the basics to the most awesome and complicated makeup tricks. As much as I am awed with all the talented makeup artists (professional or not) I have this knack for tutorials for the beginners. I always look for a makeup tutorial that is easy to follow and I’m glad I found this simple tutorial by TheMakeupChair. I just love how simple yet detailed the video is. This is just very basic so I hope this will also help you as much as it did help me in getting my makeup done.

Mindanao Fashion Summit 2014

This is it again! It’s the time of the year where the Fashion Designers of Mindanao flaunts their creation to the catwalk and show the world the Mindanaoan styles and designs. The first two Mindanao Fashion Summit were quite a success that it even opened doors of new opportunities in the fashion designing arena for both the  seasoned and then budding fashion designers. It’s no doubt that Mindanao is the home of some of the finest fashion designers.

The 3rd Mindanao Fashion Summit will bring together fashion designers all over Mindanao for them to exhibit and display their latest Mindanaoan Collection under the theme Local Designers – Global Impact. The event will open with an all – Mindanaoan Collection and the Men’s Wear Collection. The second day will feature the works of top designers from Davao, General Santos, Cotabato, Surigao, Iligan, Butuan, Ozamis and Zamboanga City. Mark you calendars and save August 8, 9 and 10 for an amazing display of fashion collections.

Mindanao Fashion Summit 2014 schedule

Click Image to enlarge and view the MFS2014 schedule of activities

Mindanao Fashion Summit 2014 is among the events of Cagayan de Oro’s coming festivities in celebration of the city’s Fiesta dubbed as “Higalaay Kagay-an Festival 2014″. The show is made possible by the Oro Fashion Designers Guild (OFDG).

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