Ditch the DIY and #SwitchtoHeySugar

I have a little confession to make .. I am stingy. I hate to spend so much on everything! So wherever I can save, I’ll stick to it. That includes shopping, eating out, even self-pampering. I see to it that I get the best deals but of course not compromising quality. Speaking of self-pampering, skin care included. I admit, I do a lot of DIYs when it comes to skin care, and that includes waxing my Underarm. At some point, I find it okay but then later on, I find it really tedious and ineffective. I remember one time, I ended up burning parts of my underarms (I was using hot wax), imagine the misery! I tried of course using cold wax after that incident, but I had little success as well. I would end up sucking up that prickly feeling as I try to strip off the seem stubborn underarms hair. I therefore concluded, my attempt to DIY the waxing is time consuming, tedious, and painful! Okay, so we know us women have incredibly high pain thresholds (hello, childbirth? high heels?), but doesn’t mean we will have to endure some pains when we can actually do something about it and go pain free! So I gave up! Thank God I found a place to get the job done and raise my arms confidently and pain free! I switched to Hey Sugar.

Waxing doesn’t have to be painful as you imagine, or as you do it yourself :D. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and what waxing method to choose.

Why #SwitchtoHeySugar?
In the spirit of this year’s National Hair Free Day, Hey Sugar is letting you in on a secret – sugar waxing is a nearly pain-free way of dealing with unwanted hair.

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Get Hairscaped at Hairscape Ph

One of the things that frustrates me recently is my lifeless hair. The long term effect of bleaching got the best of my hair as it became dull, hard to manage, frizzy, and the color is … for the lack of term, ugly! It was gorgeous at the start but as months passed it became unattractive that I my daily hairstyle is either pony tail or a bun. I rarely wear it loose.

I’m glad those bad hair days are over! Huge thank you to Hairscape ph, the gorgeous couple and hairscape owners Uno and April Siao, and of course my personal hairstylist for the day RJ with the assistance of Ms. Meira (OMG! not sure if I remember the name correctly) for rescuing my dying hair. My hair came back to life, color toned down to dark ash brown and treated with Vanilla Bean treatment and wrapped it up with a soft layered cut for added bounce.

Hairscape ph background
Hairscape.ph first opened its doors in Cagayan de Oro City last 2014 at the 3rd floor of Centrio Mall and recently opened its second branch in Iligan City branch at Robinson’s Place.

Why “Hairscape“? The salon’s name is coined from the term “landscape” or landscaping which means the process of making a yard or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design. Thus, the term Hairscape was born and became the business’ brand name.

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Wig is the Solution When You Want a Different Hairstyle

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. *

When you have straight hair, do you envy those who have beautiful curly hair? Or perhaps you want to have straight hair which is different from your normal curly hair? Do you love to have crochet hair but do not know how to do it?

Having a nice hair is one way of making a woman beautiful. That is why you need to take good care of your hair. Buy using proper shampoo and conditioner that you love most will probably make your hair healthy. Also, proper diet and less stressful life can also contribute to the beauty of your natural hair.

Anyway, when you love a different hairstyle, you want a straight hair or curly hair, but without doing anything to your natural hair, maybe wigs can help you achieve whatever hairstyle you like in daily basis or on special occasions. And when you want to buy wigs, visit divatress.com as this online store offers thousands of products for you to choose. You can find famous brands of wigs like OUTRE, MILKYWAY, FREETRESS EQUAL, VIVICA A FOX, SENSATIONNEL, and much more. You can choose Remy hair, weaves, wigs, ponytails, half wigs, and more. You can also buy hair care and other beauty products. Wig Shopping is so much easier with divatress.com.

Want to check it out and do your shopping today?

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