5 Reasons Why I Love Tsubaki Oil

tsubaki oil

Tsubaki oil comes from the seeds of the Camellia Oliefera plant or tree that grows in the high mountains of Asia and Japan. It is rich in oleic acid and vitamins A, B, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9 and has been widely used by Geishas in Japan over the years for great looking skin and hair.

Knowing how amazing Tsubaki Oil, I got so excited when my favorite hair and skin care brand Hairfood Co. launched Tsubaki Oil among their line of essential oils perfect for the Asian beauties.

Hairfood Co. Tsubaki Oil

Here are 5 reasons why I super love it!

    1. Non Greasy Feel! The molecular weight of the oil is an almost identical match for skin that I absolutely love it when I apply it on my face as it does not leave me feeling greasy nor does it feel heavy after application. It is full of essential fatty acids and lipids that are similar to those that you find in your skin so definitely it is perfect. It absorbs into the skin just about as fast as water making it great for all Skin Types so whether your skin is Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry, or Sensitive, you won’t go wrong with Tsubaki Oil.  Use it also for stretch marks, and lines too. It gets right down into your elastin and collagen of your skin and helps to keep your skin looking healthy. Simply massage 3 to 4 drops on the area.
    2. Hair Care – Just like the top layers of the skin, the hair is made up of similar protein, keratin. So therefore Tsubaki Oil is perfect for the hair because its lipid structure is recognized by the hair. Put on Tsubaki Oil on hair after wash preferably from the middle down to the ends and leave it on. OR you may want to massage it into your scalp and hair and leave it on for half an hour and then rinse it off.
    3. Makeup Remover – another thing I love with my Tsubaki Oil is it makes removing my makeup super easy especially my eye makeup (talk about eyeliner!). Simply apply a small amount of oil and use a cotton to remove the makeup! Seriously easy plus it does not irritate
    4. Great for Body Care – Tsubaki Oil is a nutrient and antioxidant-rich skin moisturizer and softener and its fatty acids contain powerful agents for retention and enhancement of skin moisture. Since it is fast absorbing, it penetrates deep into the lower layers of skin enhancing natural cell growth. Apply it on damp skin preferably after shower to get the following skin benefits;
      • Moisturizes, nourishes and softens skin
      • Restores elasticity
      • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
      • Repairs stretch marks such as in after pregnancy
      • Heals minor acne scars
    5. Nails and Cuticle Care – yes! This is how versatile Tsubaki Oil is! For softer, smoother, and healthier nails and cuticles, put in few drops of tsubaki oil on a cotton and wipe to nails and cuticles. Best to do this after shower. This softens dry or brittle nails and rough cuticles, Keeps nails nourished, smooth and shiny, and helps alleviate discomfort from dry skin under.
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Gym Makeup Tips


I have a little fitness secret to tell you. I wear makeup at the gym when I workout. Shhh… Okay, okay, before you go ahead jump and judge me, let me tell you why! Well I just don’t like going out there bare faced considering that I have to be travelling at least 30 minutes going to the gym. I do commute so you’d understand that I would want to look at least presentable with people around while I am just sitting there with my earphones on listening to my music list. And hey! The gym is a room full of mirrors, who doesn’t want to look good? Haha!

Anyway, I don’t really go heavy on makeup when I workout because the last thing I want to have are breakouts. Sweat mixed with makeup is not good as it can clog pores causing breakouts. That is why it is not really advisable to wear makeup during workout, but if you MUST (like me) be out there a little made up, make sure you use the right products. I personally just to simply touch up my face with my few makeup must haves. Here’s my list below:

Water based moisturizer – I love to keep it lightweight. Water based moisturizer is just refreshing to the skin while it does its job in controlling skin’s oil and shine.

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Etude House Make Up Haul Review

etude house makeup

Hola ladies! I just have the biggest makeup haul last month and I am super excited to share them with you here because I am totally inlove with everything that I got, all from Etude House. I wanted to make a review of everything since I literally had almost all of them applied, I don’t want to overwhelm you with tons of stuff here. Let me share instead my two most favorite and a little bit about everything else.

etude house makeup

Before we start though, here’s a list of what I have (so far :D).

  • Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit #W24 HONEY BEIGE – love its shiny and glossy finish! I can actually skip my pressed powder with this one (but of course, you don’t have to).
  • Eh Big Cover Cushion Concealer Spf30/Pa++Beige
  • Play 101 Stick # 3 Beige
  • Et.Drawing Eye Brow #3
  • [Berry Delicious] Color In Liquid Lips_Juicy
  • Tint My Brows Gel (not in the picture – will make a separate review for it)
  • Etude House Lip Perfume Breath Mist #3 Apple (also not in the photo – separate review soon!)

As I’ve said, I totally love everything! They just blend in perfectly but today, let me highlight on the Lash Perm Proof Mascara (water proof – washable).

lash perm

It is fFormulated with Triple Coating Film. Lash Perm Proof Mascara supplies Precise lash definition and Long lash with its unique waterproof formula that won’t tears or sebum. I like this mascara so much as it makes my lashes look long and dramatic. My lashes are medium long but they definitely needs some definition and by far this is one mascara that gave my lashes a glam finish as if I have some extensions on. It lasts all day so I don’t have to retouch (I normally do 2 coats).

Note: Wand doesn’t get filtered well from the tube so be extra careful in applying it to avoid lumps.

Personal Verdict: Love!

Play 101 Multi-Color Stick # 3 Beige – Creamy Texture. Long-lasting, Easy and Multiple Makeup Usage eyes, cheeks, Makeup Foundation, Lip primer and makeup concealer that creates gorgeous color with a smooth and sheer finish.
play stick

The Play 101 Multi-Color Sticks come in numerous different shades from #01 to #15. Mine is #3 – Beige, perfect for my morena skin tone. I love the fact that it is multi-function, thus, I can have just this one in my purse and I’m good to go! I can’t wait to try more colors! I think I’ll go for #13 (rose gold) and #11 (shading) – can definitely used it for contouring.

Personal Verdict:
Love, Recommended!

Till next time ladies! I am excited to share more of my Etude House Makeup haul!

LadySoda 🙂

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New Makeup Trend – Strobing


While contouring has been a hot trend on makeup for quite a while now, many still find it tedious and hard to master (raising my hands!). I seriously think contouring is a bit challenging. So if like me, you are looking for a less intense and less-intensive way to highlight your face, STROBING is for you!

What is Strobing?

It’s basically good old-fashioned highlighting. According to makeup artist Susan Giordano, this technique has been around in like forever but it’s just been given a new name. Strobing is to accentuate your features without heavy shadows. The only product you’ll need for strobing is an illuminating highlighter—and lots of it. It focuses exclusively on highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face (so, your cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.)

This is a sample work of my awesome friend and super talented MUA Inyaki Yuson. Looking forward to his step by step tutorial for this so I can share it with you guys. This is actually mix of contouring and strobing he did, I just love how fabulous it turned out.


Some Tips:

  • Glow-y and Glaring – there’s a huge difference between the two! Strobing aims for glow-y. Avoid anything sparkly—you want products that glisten rather than flat out shimmer
  • If you have an oily type of skin, a light highlighting powder on the points of the face that light hits or eye shadow would be great to rock some glow.

Have you done it yourself? If so, leave us tips on how to do it and how to achieve an amazing result.


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Beginner Makeup Tips and Tricks


I personally love to wear makeup, just a simple one. I have to admit that I cannot leave the house with a bare face. I’d feel so naked if I’ll do. My usual routine is Sunblock cream, BB Cream/liquid foundation, eyebrow (if I have the time), eyeliner and a quick mascara to open my eyes and a lipstick then I’m good to go! I rarely put on some blush.

I know a lot of women doesn’t like to put on some makeup for various reasons (time, lack of skills, skin issues, or they’re just not used to it). Some even think they don’t need it, not for any reason. Of course I respect that. But I truly believe that whether we love to put on some makeup or not, it is important that we have the knowledge how to do it because there will be a point in our lives ladies, where we will have to put on some face colors by ourselves. If you feel that you don’t have the skills and the knowledge to do makeup by yourself, this one is for you.

beginner makeup tips

Makeup can either make you or break you so be sure that when you decide to put some on, at least know the basics. Youtube is a great source I must say! There are tons of tutorials uploaded from the basics to the most awesome and complicated makeup tricks. As much as I am awed with all the talented makeup artists (professional or not) I have this knack for tutorials for the beginners. I always look for a makeup tutorial that is easy to follow and I’m glad I found this simple tutorial by TheMakeupChair. I just love how simple yet detailed the video is. This is just very basic so I hope this will also help you as much as it did help me in getting my makeup done.

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12 Makeup Tips for the Face


Most women are contented with just pressed powder and a lipstick and then they are good to go. I am guilty of the simplicity oftentimes. There’s nothing wrong with being simple, in fact, it takes courage to go out in an almost bare face.

BUT! Whether we like it or not, there will be times where we need to glam up. Or perhaps the time will come that you will realize that a little everyday makeup makeup is necessary. When that time comes, I hope these tips will help.


makeup tips for women

Here are some tips to aid you in both taking good care of the face and some little makeup tips.

  1. First, a clean and healthy face is a great canvass. Maintain it naturally or have it professionally analyzed and treated when it is necessary.
  2. Using Powder over a cream blush is a big NO NO! It can cake and look unnatural.
  3. Experiment with the consistency of your makeup base so that natural skin shines through, by mixing it with a dab of moisturizer or a drop of rosewater, depending on whether your skin is dry or oily
  4. For a sheer, pretty look, apply foundation with a moist sponge
  5. Less makeup is best; the more sheer your makeup base is, the less makeup you will need to look good.
  6. Avoid contouring your face, it looks very artificial (if you are not good at it). Leave it to the professionals.
  7. Make it a point to blend. Makeup should never look obvious; it should just enhance the skin and facial features.
  8. For a tanned look, you can make your own foundation color by blending a little brown eye shadow in the palm of your hands and mixing it with your base, adding a drop of moisturizer. The amount of shadow you use will determine the intensity of the hue.
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Absolute Essentials In Any Beauty Kit


Soap & Glory

We spend an absolute fortune on beauty products every day and there are more emerging onto the market every day. It can get really confusing which is the best product to buy as they all extol their virtues and tell us that we really can’t do without that particular brand or item.

So, let me help you. Here are the essentials of what you absolutely must have in your bag. You may choose whichever brand you prefer and don’t be swayed by the latest, innovative and life-enhancing item. These are timeless and always will be around even as fashions and styles change.


What's in your bag ?

Everyone should use a moisturizer on a daily basis. In fact twice daily is better for your skin. It is essential to always apply moisturizer before you apply any foundation for makeup as this gives your skin a good basis and helps to keep the moisture sealed in for the day.

Face scrubs, cleanser and face mask

You should exfoliate your face at least once per week and there are some wonderful face scrubs around, or you could even make your own from ingredients you keep in the cupboard (oats, milk and honey, for example). Nourishing your skin once a week with a good skin mask will be particularly beneficial for those with thirsty or very dry skin in particular.

Tinted moisturizer

This is an absolute must in any girl’s makeup bag. The barely there makeup look is in, but some people have blemishes on their skin and like to cover it up. A tinted moisturizer does that without the need to apply heavy foundation. The hint of color (color-toned to your skin of course) gives the impression of healthy skin that has a slight sun-kissed element to it evens out all your skin tone and even hides wrinkles

My stock :)

Concealer stick

kiss and makeup

The concealer is very helpful in hiding minor blemishes. You must ensure you get the right shade for your skin or you will raw attention to the imperfection you are trying to hide.

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Four Makeup Shades That Flatters Everyone


Are you like me who have trouble remembering tones and colors that best suits your complexion? Really, there are girls who are just clueless on which colors to pick in buying makeup. Ladies, it is important that you know which one to pick because like it or not, you are spending your hard earned money and it is just fitting that you spend it on something you can use and will not end up with all those junk left out in a box.

Here’s a little tip that will definitely help you get your money’s worth. In choosing your makeup hues, the secret is choosing Shades that possess neutral undertones and creamy textures for easy blending.

Eyeliner – choose the dark brown liner (cocoa brown) as it is rich enough to register on a dark skin but does not overwhelm the ivory skin tone.
eyeliner cocoa brown

Eye Shadow – Gold and purple is great for all types of complexion. Gold on inner corners brightens all eyes, while purple’s broad appeal is that it’s not too cool or too warm.

Lip Gloss – I am not much of a lip gloss fan because my lips aren’t thin. But to those who loves wearing lip gloss, Sheer Pink is a great choice. It complements all lip colors and never looks overdone.
lip gloss sheer pink

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Monday Candy Makeup Fix


Not my usual Monday morning where I just stay home and be the best domesticated woman I can be *insert pat on the back here*. Well it’s because I have school on weekends so basically Mondays and Tuesdays are my Sat and Sun (just while I am not done with my schooling.) Anyway, as I mentioned, today wasn’t my usual homey day as I decided to go out and do some unfinished errands (out of the house domestication?, lol!). I decided to put on some color to brighten up my day.

PhotoGrid_1381754349841 (1)

So yes, there’s me! no filters, just awesome light from the outside.


Facial Moisturizer: Cetaphil (I love the new handy tube container)
Foundation: TheFaceShop (lovely me:ex angel skin foundation NB45)
Eyes: BYS eyeshadow (limited edition Neons) – I used the first two colors (green and pink)
Eyeliner: just some local brand (put it under the upper lid and lower lid to highlight my eyes’ shape)
Mascara: Maybellene Xtension Mascara
Lip: CK (Mesmerize) & BYS Matte (Day Dreamer)

Me (right) without the pink eyeshadow yet..just the neon green shade.
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Beauty Corner : How to Keep Makeup on Oily Skin


beauty question 4
Holla ladies! Here’s another beauty question for the day. I know a lot of you can relate to this problem (I super can!). To those who are bothered with skin oiliness, this tips are for you.

  1. Primer – it’s no secret that primer keeps the makeup on your skin for a longer time. Before putting on your foundation, powder and other makeup, prime first yout T-Zone (forehead, chin and nose). Make sure you choose an oil-free, anti-shine primer.
  2. Do not Powder that much – we have heard that powder is a great rescuer to oily skin. True that! However, do not indulge on it so much as it may backfire by making your pores to push out more and more oil. To do it correctly, lightly dub powder only on areas where it is oily. Use a matte translucent powder.
  3. Blot it out – Have your blotting sheets handy because you’ll probably need it by midday. If you’re hot, sweaty and shiny, you don’t want to add powder onto oil and perspiration — you’ll get a floury, chalky mess! That’s where the blotting sheet comes to the rescue. Be careful though in applying it. Lightly press the paper to oily areas and roll it off your skin (do not rub the sheet on your skin).
  4. Go oil Free – since our skin normally produces skin, go for creams, foundation and makeup that are oil-free and noncomedogenic, because they don’t clog your skin.  Furthermore, invest on toners and cleansers with glycolic acids as it cuts down excess oil.
  5. Skin Treatment – reduce excess oil by a weekly or twice a week mask treatment. For oily skin, those made with kaolin or bentonite are highly recommended.
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