How to have a Safe Date from Online

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While I am dedicating this site for women, it is just rightful that topics discussed here are beneficial for all women who are actually making the Internet a daily habit. How many women actually got lucky and found love and eventually got married because of the Internet? How many were successful? And how many were fooled by men predators lurking around this virtual world looking for their next victim? It’s true, there are really men out there who only intend to find women in the Internet for sex and only that. Who will protect women from these kind of men? Admit it or not, most of the women here in the Internet are no dating expert who can tell whether a man is a fraud or not. As I surfed through the net looking for something that women can rely on so not to be victimized by these frauds over the Internet I stumbled upon this great site focusing on researching and rating a guy before you actually date him. Now that’s what every woman here needs!

Some Tips for a safer Date Online

To women out there, it is very important that we check the guy’s background and character first before considering him for a date. Remember that here in the Internet you can be anybody you want. A man with a bad intention will do everything to get what he wants and that definitely includes lying and cheating! Scary! An advise from a relationship expert will surely help. As much as possible do not be secretive about it. Let your friends or your parents know. Seek online for the guy’s record, you might find out something “interesting” about the person. There are actually people who made an effort to create a database of men which women can always turn to whenever we need professional advices with Internet Relationship. All we need to is just surf for it. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of some losers who wants nothing but satisfy their lust and boost their ego over fooling and using women through the Internet. I am not saying that all men here in the Internet are opportunists. Just giving a reminder to be safe while we enjoy what the Internet offers :). Remember, an ounce of prevention is better than cure.

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Surviving Valentines Day Alone

Worry over no one to spend Valentines day with? The predicament over having no special someone on the day where romantic relationships are being celebrated can be a real downer to most. Although the day is meant to celebrate a couple’s life, you can easily turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of almost any friendship!

So, if the thought of spending Valentine’s Day alone is just too much, try using some of these ideas! Here are some ideas for fun activities you can plan for yourself on Valentine’s Day!

Plan a Single Girl’s or Guy’s night Out

Don’t sit at home alone and mope. Call some of your closest same sex friends and have a single’s night out for Valentine’s Day. Hey, let the bartender know and you may even get a free sympathy drink! You could also make reservations at a fancy restaurant. No need to be cheap when celebrating being single and proud of it!

Plan an Activity You Like to Do

Treat yourself to a fun activity you enjoy. If you love the opera, Broadway, or even a simple movie then make plans to head out and enjoy yourself. You’ll have so much fun doing what you love to do that Valentine’s Day will be over before you know it!

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Ways To Get Over the Person Who Broke Your Heart

One of the hardest things every woman has to face is letting go of someone. Getting over with someone whom we invested so much time and emotions for months or even years is not an overnight thing. One has to undergo in the process of depression, anger, insecurities, denial or even self pity. Those are all normal, but dwelling on your emotions, sulking in your room crying longer than necessary and watch the world passes you by isn’t right nor healthy. You have to wake up to the reality that break ups is not the end of the world. There’s more to life than locking yourself up inside your room and punishing yourself for a relationship that has end! Here are some tips to help fix your broken heart and pick up the pieces ones again and regain yourself.


You have to face the fact that you are sad and depressed. There’s no point in acting as if you are the strongest person in the world and you are unaffected. You can lock yourself in your room, sob,’s alright. Cry and let all your heartaches out. Be honest to what you are feeling but you have to remember that’s not the only thing you will have to do for the rest of your life! You might get puffy and swollen eyebags but at least you’re not stressing your way to sickness. Remember, it is healthy to express your anger and hurt. You can vent your feelings and relieve the tension and stress you feel inside.

Lend Some Ear

When in pain and confused, it is always advisable to have someone around. Pouring over your sentiments with a friend over a bottle or a cup of coffee is a great catharsis. Who cares if you have told the story a hundred times already to your friends? As long as the anguish is still there just keep on talking. It will soothe your soul.

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