Tips for Choosing the Right Engagement Ring


Finding an engagement ring that your girlfriend will love is definitely a challenge. There are so many things to think about. One of the most daunting parts of choosing an engagement ring is thinking about the fact that this is going to be a ring that will last a lifetime. You have to get it right the first time. The following tips can help.

One of the most important things is to understand your girlfriend’s personality. Look at her style and try to match the engagement ring to something that she already has or a style that she already likes. For example, if your girlfriend wears a lot of earthy tone colors and has a lot of jewelry that is made from beads, turquoise, and other more natural colors and stones, it is not likely that she is going to love a huge gold ring with a giant diamond in the middle of it. However, she may prefer something that is more subtle. She may like a platinum ring with unique shaped diamond. The idea is to find something that fits her personality and style.

Once you have an idea in mind for the style of ring that you want to purchase, you need to start shopping around. There are a lot of different options that you have for shopping around. You can visit local jewelers Scottsdale AZ, or you can shop online. The good thing about buying from a local store is that you know exactly what you are getting. And you will get it in the moment that you want it. However, if you decide to purchase online, you are going to have a lot more variety, and it may be possible for you to get a better deal on a ring. It is usually a good idea to do a little bit of both.

Something that you may consider is exploring the idea of going with a more nontraditional engagement ring or wedding band. This is where you will have to consider her personality. For example, she may actually want to choose the engagement ring. You can spend an entire day shopping together in a vacation destination. Not only will she have a ring that she loves, but she will have wonderful memories attached to it. Try to think outside of the box when it comes to finding the right engagement ring for your girlfriend.

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Sterling Silver Bracelets


Southwestern jewelry boasts of being the finest in the use of sterling silver and often adding gemstones to create gorgeous pieces of art that are often also one of a kind. You won’t find them in the typical department store. The jewelry makes a unique gift for someone you love or is a fine choice for your own use.

Using 92.5 Sterling Silver as its base, this jewelry is put through a series of quality tests to make sure it meets high expectations and will be enjoyed and admired for many years to come.

Colorful gemstones that also have additional meanings are often the incorporated theme. For example, Turquoise is thought to protect against evil, bring good luck, and ease stress by relaxing the mind. Corals are known to be very soothing and protective.

Breathtaking sterling silver bracelets are ones like these:

Multi Channel Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is inlaid in Coral chip, Turquoise chip, Malachite from South Africa which is green in color, Natural Lapis that comes from Afghanistan, Lapis chip that is a dark navy blue man-made material, and Mother of Pearl which is a salt water mussel shell that ranges in color from the white main shell to the yellow lip.

Filagree Diamond Cut Bracelet

One inch wide and fitting a wrist size of approximately 6 3/4 inches, this elegant cuff bracelet has tine grooves that are cut into the silver to give a look of shiny diamonds.

Southwestern Bracelet

This Southwest style 3/8 inch wide cuff bracelet with Turquoise and Coral chips will add a unique dimension to any wardrobe.

Butterfly Bracelet

This colorful 3/8 inch wide cuff bracelet will brighten anyone’s day, especially if that person is a butterfly collector. Beautifully inlaid is man-made lavender, pink, white and blue Opal, which has much more durability than real Opal and should last forever.

Feather Bracelet

This 11/16 inch wide feather bracelet is inlaid with the durable man-made white Opal.

Silver Legends is an excellent example of a source for this superb jewelry that is all handmade right in the United States by their excellent and well-talented team. It is designed to make viewers take notice of its exceptional qualities. Each piece is guaranteed 100 percent against manufacture defects and to meet the highest standards.

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Five Useful Suggestions for Choosing a Diamond for Your Engagement Ring


Diamonds are the centerpieces of most engagement rings. This is not surprising because most diamonds have a unique design that can add eye-catching sparkle, color and brilliance to a ring’s design.

Here are five useful suggestions for choosing a diamond for your engagement ring that are easy to use while shopping:

Compare the Diamond’s Weight
Most diamonds that are used for an engagement ring that way between 0.1-0.5 carats. Other diamonds that appear in an engagement ring can weigh up to 2 carats. This weight range offers savvy buyers an opportunity to purchase an engagement ring that is a tremendous value. This is possible because many smaller diamonds feature an eye-catching brilliance that is a tremendous value.

Compare the Diamond’s Design

Diamonds are cut into many beautiful designs. Some of the most popular diamond designs for an engagement ring include:

  • Emerald and pear-shaped designs.
  • Solitaire, marquise and cushion-shaped designs.
  • Round and oval-shaped designs.

Other popular diamond designs include heart-shaped and princess-cut designs that offer many fascinating engagement ring design choices.

Examine the Diamond’s Clarity
A diamond’s clarity describes how many blemishes or inclusions appear on the surface or interior of a diamond. Examining a diamond for these faults is recommended because it can help you avoid diamonds for your engagement ring that reflect light poorly.

Examine the Diamond’s Proportions
A diamond’s proportions measure the alignment of the diamond’s flat surface to its facets and bottom. Examining this ratio is worthwhile because it can make choosing a brilliant diamond for your engagement ring easier. This is understandable because most brilliant diamonds have flat surfaces that are aligned nearly perfectly with their facets and bottoms.

Examine the Diamond’s Color
Contrary to popular belief, many diamonds are colored naturally by carbon impurities that were mixed together when the diamonds were formed. Some of the most popular diamond colors for an engagement ring include shades of red, green and yellow. Other popular colors include shades of blue, orange and purple. The value of these diamonds is determined by the intensity of their colors.

As you can see, choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is simple if you remember to examine the diamond’s weight, design, clarity, color and proportions. Feel free to use the suggestions mentioned above to find diamonds for your engagement ring that offer the weight, design, clarity, color and proportions that suit your needs.

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Wedding Bands : Eternity Ring


Whether you are looking for wedding bands in gold, palladium or platinum, there are a wide range of options for today’s couples. Even though a plain band is elegant and beautiful, bands set in diamonds and gemstones and Claddaugh wedding bands set with gemstones or diamonds are increasing in popularity.

A plain band can be a dome-shaped ring, a flat-shaped ring or a Euro-fit ring, which is a heavier-than-regular band. There are knife-edged bands, low dome and milgrain plain bands.

Some couples like wedding rings that are set with five to eight diamonds or channel-set wedding rings with alternating diamonds and gemstones. Carved rings with beveled edges are also popular in addition to religious wedding rings. One popular religious wedding ring is surrounded by crosses or other religious symbols.


Claddaugh wedding bands are beautiful for both husband and wife. These can be plain or set with diamonds or gemstones.

Hand-carved wedding rings are another beautiful option in wedding bands. Flowers and wheat patterned bands are the most popular hand-carved bands for married couples today.

One last very popular design for wedding bands is the eternity ring with diamonds surrounding the entire ring. Some eternity bands have regular prong settings and others have gemstones and diamonds alternating. The channel setting is a very popular eternity ring setting that is a bit more durable than a setting with prong-set stones.

All of the above designs can be found at Allurez Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. Other fine jewelry can be found there also.

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Engagement Ring Shopping Tips


Shopping for the perfect engagement ring can seem to be an overwhelming adventure. You may quickly begin to appreciate it when a company such as Moissanite simplifies the process for you. When you begin exploring the engagement rings they have available, you can narrow down the number of rings you have to select from by choosing to browse only the most popular styles or specific designs rather than view every ring they have available. Chances are you have a predetermined budget that you would like to stick with. Here you can browse the selection of rings according to various price categories. This feature keeps you from being tempted to over-extend your budget.

engagement rings

Regardless of how you approach your search, you will find some absolutely stunning engagement ring designs here. There are numerous diamond shapes and setting designs to choose from. There’s also an extensive selection of caret weights for you to browse through. You may have a specific diamond shape in mind before you begin looking for an engagement ring. However, once you see all of the stunning options available, you may find something that is more spectacular than you had imagined. You may have envisioned a modern style ring but find yourself falling in love with a vintage design. You may discover that a diamond solitaire is actually more impressive than a diamond cluster ring. Browse through the options with an open mind and take notice of what design and style makes your heart leap.

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Fashion in Magnetic Bracelets


Magnets have long been thought to have healing properties and have therefore been used in numerous cultures for thousands of years as a method of treating a variety of ailments. Even today, millions continue to wear magnets in the form of jewelry as a way of preventing and treating many health conditions including poor circulation as well as managing pain. offers many magnet bracelets including stainless steel magnetic bracelets that are both fashionable as well as durable. has a number of different finely crafted magnetic bracelets made of stainless steel. The available stainless steel bracelets each contain a high power magnet in each of the links.
magnetic bracelets

The magnets are 3300 gauss magnets making them very strong and therefore more powerful with greater healing abilities. The bracelets are each custom made to fit each customer and have a snap clasp. Keep in mind that, in order to fully utilize the healing benefits of the magnetic bracelet, the jewelry must be in close contact with the skin. Therefore, make sure that you measure your wrist exactly and do not add for any extra room. The magnetic bracelets available at are all composed of metal of the highest quality. Stainless steel bracelets are available in both cuff as well as link form to ensure that both men and women can find a style to meet their specific tastes. Stainless steel is both durable and resistant to tarnish making the bracelets ideal for those who are constantly working with their hands.

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Wedding Bands Size and Types


April, May and then tadahhh! June! The month of the bride wanna be’s! I don’t know what’s in June why it has become the exchanging of “I do’s” month. Whatever the reason is, this girl is going on a June wedding! Oh no! not mine! It’s my brother’s wedding and I am kind of excited as well.

I was just talking to my brother’s fiancée on the wedding ring they are just planning to get for the wedding and gave her some insights. Choosing the wedding ring is quite a big deal to most couple especially to the bride. So here, I gathered some helpful tips on choosing your wedding bands. I hope the following the following tips will be of help to you too if you are one of those brides/grooms to be.

Types, Sizes and Other Factors to Consider in Choosing a Wedding Ring

Wedding bands whether the bridal ring or the groom’s ring are measured in millimeters. For the bride, the most common size would be 2 to 4 millimeters while for the men, it’s 6 to 8 millimeters. It’s always your preference, so go ahead and try which size best fit your ring finger.

bridal ring
Types of Wedding Bands

Comfort Fit Wedding Ring – rounded interior with an oval cross-section.
Flat Band Wedding Ring – it has no oval shape and it is flat on top.
Diamond Wedding Rings – available for both women and men style, it features a set of diamond or a channel of them. Usually they are just on top of the ring but sometimes they encircle the entire ring.
Plain Wedding Rings – simple yet elegant, it’s hard to beat that! This is usually a band of yellow gold or platinum. White gold or other alternative metals are also popular for this kind of wedding band. This looks good with that diamond engagement ring for the bride.

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What Does a Ring on My Finger Mean?


Rings are no doubt special to any woman who wears it. To a woman, a ring is not just a jewelry when it is given to them by their husbands, boyfriends or even just friends. How you wear them and where you put them on definitely says a statement. Here are some interesting information on how a ring signifies a particular meaning on those fingers.

Eternity Ring
Eternity Ring

Little Finger
This finger is all about our associations with the outside world and it represents everything about relationships. This signifies our attitude towards others. Wearing a ring on this finger shows to the world that you are a divorcee.

The ring finger
Now, rings on this fingers says a lot! This finger of the left hand says it is directly connected to the heart. It is not a surprise that the wedding ring belongs to this finger. Since it also represents emotions. Engagement rings after marriage for women,eternity rings for women or men, promise rings and infinity ring are also worn in the ring finger as they signify true love and a promise of forever love.

The Middle Finger
Putting on a ring on this finger tells everyone that you are engaged.

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Fashionista Christmas Wish List


Today is fashion fan Christmas wishlist day. Sharing here some valuable stuff given to me which I really do appreciate as they are coming from loved ones and I just adore them. I love collecting bags signature ones or not! In the photo above is my Black Shiny Ninewest Hobo Shoulder Bag, a personal favorite. I love the simplicity and elegance of its design not to mention the convenience since it has a long sling so I can use it as a shoulder bag, body bag or a simple hand bag.

The makeup set (kanebo, stila & loreal) and Pulsar watch on the other hand are gifts from the love of my life which were purchased online from our favorite online store. Got them almost one year ago (Christmas presents!). I am a good gift keeper and really takes good care of them so I know I deserve another one this year (*wink*).

Anyway, like most fashion enthusiasts I find shopping online very convenient as it saves you from the tiring stroll and the dreaded traffic! I may have a favorite online store but that does not stop me from looking for other legitimate online stores that gives the best offers and value of my money’s worth specially now that it’s the holiday season. I came across this particular online store that is packed with gorgeous signature items, from designers bags, shoes, watches and accessories. I love how they cater both adult and children. So while browsing Reebonz I have completed my wishlist!

Christian Dior Libertine Aged Lambskin Leather Hobo
(currently ON SALE)

Miu Miu Matelasse Lux Leather Shopping Bag (ON SALE!)

Gucci ‘Sukey’ Medium Tote (ON SALE!)

Kenneth Cole Silver Quartz Watch (for my sweety – ON SALE)

I just fell inlove with them in an instant click! I love the fact that these luxury and designer bags are on sale! Talking about fashionista’s luck :). Girls you definitely deserve to know this so I am sharing the link to you. Reebonz is currently on Sale up to 70% discount on all items. Credit card users like me can have the privilege of their ongoing 0% Installment Payment Plan (3-6 months) & the Buy Now Pay Later Promo by using your BDO Credit Card.  You too can check them out and their great offers for the holidays and for the days to come by creating your own account (click on promo photo I included) :).  Promo ends on December 31, 2011, I know I am here already so you better follow if you want huge savings and get more than what you’ll pay for.

I have carefully browsed the site (because I love their bags and accessories so much!) and found out that also included in the promo are Co-branded cards, Affinity and Tie-up bank accounts. Excluded are Simple cards, Corporate accounts, Distribution cards, Purchasing cards, Electron cards, EasyPay JCB and JCB 4-Give

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Printed Nail Art



Saw this in my ITouch while browsing for photos. I got inspired by the nail art how to’s I watched in youtube and decided to give it a try myself!

How I Did It:

-Paint Nails with White nail color or nude color. Let it dry.

-Dip in each finger om a rubbing alcohol (I poured in just enough amount in a small plastic cup). Let it stay there for about 10 seconds.

-Press newspaper on top of each nail for 10 seconds and then remove it. If it gets stuck, just dub a little alcohol to remove the newspaper without messing up those prints in your nails.

-Coat nails with colorless to finish.

That’s it! As easy as that! You have your pretty and stylish printed nails.

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