How To Wear Stripes

stripes fashion

I am among those ladies who have always been scared to put that piece of stripes on despite the fact that I am fascinated by it especially the black and white ones. Well, for one, I gained too much weight over the years and I just know stripes won’t do my body any justice – vertical stripes that is! And I find horizontal stripes weird too! So I made a conscious effort to avoid wearing stripes or anything with pattern. Fast forward 2016, I shed off weight I still have this fascination over stripes and I noticed it has become a thing lately so I said to myself, screw the rules! Let’s go stripey! 😀

stripes fashion

Don’t get me wrong, that time when I was so scared of stripes, I think I was just paranoid and focused much on how it can make me even wider. But you know what? I realized that stripes is for everyone! No matter what your size is, stripes is for you! Forget all about the rules, if you like it, wear it! Not confident or kind of lost where to start? Well, I hope you’ll find these tips below helpful in choosing the perfect stripes that will suit your body type.

  • Hourglass – You are lucky if you have this body shape! Curvaceous figures can pull off any pattern – stripes too. But to accentuate curves, wear horizontal stripes to add focus to your hips and bust.
  • Petite – for small women, you will want to maximize your height. Opt for thin, vertical stripes to elongate your figure.
  • Pear – for you ladies out there with bigger bottom halves and narrower shoulders, go for a horizontal stripe top to create the illusion of a bigger torso.
  • Apple – If you have a larger midsection, you would want to go for vertical or diagonal stripes.
  • Rectangle – For the ones with ‘straight up and down’ body type, without carrying weight in one particular area, horizontal stripes with varying width can look fabulous. If you’re wanting to create the illusion of more curves, choose larger stripes.

More Tips:

  • Look for fabrics that follow the shape of your body and have structure.
  • Even if you are wearing side-ways stripes, create a dominant vertical line down your body by putting on a cover-up, jacket, or vest. Use a scarf or a necklace to create that long vertical line down your body.
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How to Edit a Fashion Photo with Movavi Photo Editor for Mac


Being able to edit the fashion photos that you snap will open up quite a few doors. Not only will you be able to stylize the photos with filters and other improvements, but you could also correct any issues that crop up due to poor lighting conditions, focus issues, and so on. In short, editing your fashion photos will help you to make sure they look great – just the way that you envisioned when you snapped them.


The one obstacle that you’ll face when you first attempt to edit your fashion photos however is the learning curve that is involved. Because of the technical nature of most photo editors, learning to use them can take quite some time – and many people end up feeling discouraged in the process. Instead of putting yourself through that ordeal, using Movavi Photo Editor for Mac ( is a great alternative.

Seeing as it is designed to make things as easy and straightforward as possible for users, you will have no problems starting to edit your fashion photos with it. In a short while you’ll be able to learn how its features work, and with a bit of experimentation will figure out how each one affects your photos. Some of the features that you’re going to want to try include:

  • Removing any objects and elements that are in the way without leaving behind any imperfections.
  • Improving the quality of the photo with a single click or by manually adjusting the color settings.
  • Correcting common issues such as blurry or pixelated parts of the photo.
  • Adding text that can be customized to create unique and attractive captions, watermarks or titles.
  • Applying numerous different filters to add an artistic touch to your fashion photos.
  • Transforming the frame and orientation of the photo by flipping, rotating, cropping, leveling or resizing it.
  • Deleting the entire background and replacing it with a new one from a different image.

Between all these features you should definitely be able to edit your fashion photo to your satisfaction. Considering using Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is so easy, you will be able to turn out photographs that look as though they’ve been snapped by a professional – without having to jump through any hoops in the process. In fact, you may even want to consider sharing some of your better fashion photos online and showing off what you’re able to accomplish with your newfound ability to edit photos.

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Which Watch To Wear


Personally I think a watch is a jewelry every woman should have. Though with the current advancement of technology where probably most of us does not consider wearing one as time is available on our phones and/or tablet, do consider that a watch can spice up one’s overall look (which phones can never replace). All it takes is to know which is the right watch to sport on certain occasions and how to sport it.


While I admit that I am so fashionably out of fashion when it comes to mixing and matching my outfit with my watch or vice versa, I agree that a watch make a huge difference to an outfit. Here are some tips to help you decide which watch to sport and wear it right.

Get the Right Fit
Whether you use it for sports, casual, an evening party, or on a regular day, it is important that you wear a watch that is never too tight or never too loose especially for women. For men make sure it fits perfectly.

Parties and other Formal Events Watch
Ladies, aside from a gorgeous bracelet, you can opt for a formal watch. A watch that is suited for formal events should be constructed of a precious metal (silver, gold, or platinum) and make sure the size does not overwhelm your wrist otherwise it will become a distraction and you don’t want your wrist to be overpowering your overall look.

The Sports Watch
I personally wear my sports watch (smart watch) even after my workout. A sports watch is conveniently invented to track progress (steps, heart rate, etc.) while the user is at work. I love how I don’t have to take my phone with me while working out as my smart watch is connected to my phone and I can receive text messages and emails through it, and even calls! Never ever wear your sports watch with your suit or with your formal getup.

The Everyday Watch

Okay, this may be confusing to some because everyday can mean just a casual watch but what if you feel a little girly or dressy on a given day? I would recommend having at least 2 pairs of everyday watch, the kind of rugged one and the fabulous watch as I call it. Check out ZALORA’s selection of Casio watches as it is a pretty cool selection. I love to mix and match outfit so I do not just stick to one everyday watch.

To me a great watch is something that speaks your style without words. I prefer the simple designs and I just love two-toned watches so don’t be surprised to see me sporting most of the time two-toned pieces. So there you go! I hope this helped!

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How to Create a Stunning Wedding Slideshow Video


Once the big day is over and you’re going over the photos and videos that were taken during your wedding – the big question that you’re going to have to ask yourself is: What do you do with them? Conventionally, wedding photos and videos are placed into an album or saved onto a DVD and carefully stored so that you can go back and relive the happy memories from time to time.


While that’s certainly all well and good – why not go the extra mile and take the best photos and most appealing bits of the videos and compile them into a great wedding slideshow video. That video can then be uploaded to Facebook and shared with your friends and family so they can check it out too.

Sound great? Odds are you may have seen some of your friends do this in the past, but on the surface it may appear too difficult to attempt. With the Movavi Slideshow Creator however, you’ll find that is not the case. It is so intuitive and user-friendly that you’ll be able to figure out how to make a slideshow in a matter of minutes. Matter of fact, all you need to do is:

  1. Add the photos or videos that you want to include in your slideshow to the software.
  2. Edit the photos to rotate their orientation, and the also edit the videos to trim the parts that you don’t need.
  3. Enhance the quality of the photos and videos if necessary.
  4. Add stylish transitions between certain photos or videos.
  5. Insert a great music track that fits the wedding atmosphere.
  6. Save the video slideshow using one of the available presets to automatically optimize it based on the platform that you’re going to use it on.

That’s really all there is to it. If you want to share your slideshow on Facebook or YouTube you’ll even find that there is a preset available that will let you do so with ease. In a nutshell – everything that you need to make a stunning wedding slideshow video is within arm’s reach and you’ll find that all the features are intuitive enough that you’ll be able to grasp them and put them to good use.

By the time you’re done, your friends and family will be envious of how good your slideshow looks and feels.

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Style Tips on Wearing White Jeans


So lately I have been contemplating on sporting white jeans but I was still a little skeptic. I have been avoiding white jeans or should I say wearing white jeans freaks me out for various reasons! I feel like I am prone to be messing it even before leaving home. But now that I am ready to try it, of course I need to check out the best way to sport it. Here are some styles you and I can try.

1. The black and white tandem
This is perhaps the safest combo. Pair your white jeans with black top, whether it’s a shirt or a cutesy blouse. It’s plain, simple, and they much perfectly. The lacey blouse is perfect for a casual but romantic date night :).
white jeans fashion

2. Go Pastel
Another nice thing with white jeans is it can basically go with any color so you won’t have a problem pairing it with pastel. In fact you can play with the colors from top to bottom! Pair it with either high heels or be more playful and go for strappy wedge. Check out my white and pastel mix and match!
white jeans style

3. White it Out!

Go all white! Personally I don’t think I can pull it off just yet (considering I am just starting with white jeans – I’ll probably go clean-freak with this). Clean, chic, and classy! White it all out!
all white fashion

4. Simple Casual
This I sure can sport. Simple, chic and comfy. The earth-toned color handbag completes the simple, laid back look. Perfect for a sunny day out with family or friends.
white jeans fashion tips

I don’t own a white jeans yet but now I definitely am sure to own one. I am looking into having a skinny, and a little bit distressed pair. Will share soon! How about you? Do you love sporting white jeans? If like me you are still contemplating, check out the lists above and see which one you’re comfortable sporting.

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6 Ways To Wear A Wrap


Who would have thought that simple wrap we usually bring to the beach for our usual cover-up can be more than just that?! I personally have tried doing more of it than the usual wrapping it around my chest. I have tried doing the halter style but somehow I was never that comfortable with how I did it.


Browsing through this virtual world, I found this interesting DIY by DWDShoes where the “sarong” is showcased as item of the week and their ideas are just amazing! Who needs to buy cover-ups when you have a Wrap that you can wear in 6 different ways!

wrap dress strapless

This is my second favorite, the Strapless Dress. I love the idea of using a bangle to make this look sexy and gorgeous! I tried it myself and now I can’t wait to go to the beach and sport this!

wrap dress flirty halter

The Flirty halter dress is my most favorite! I normally do the halter before but I am less impressed with myself with it. Then I saw this and I know I have to rock this style! The bangle is doing a lot of magic! It gives the neck some room not being covered by the wraps.

wrap dress casual slouch

And here’s a casual slouch. I think this works great with the slim body type, especially if your wrap is way too big, this is a good idea.

I know by now you are itching to know how to do all these, so before I continue to show the rest of the wrap styles, here’s the detailed tutorial video on how to do all these:

wrap dress halter

Gorgeous! I also love the halter top! Perfect for those sexy shorts :). A little conservative on the front but wait till they see your sexy back!

wrap dress

Get stylish and sexy with the One-shoulder wrap dress! I tried doing this and I find it a little tricky and hard without looking at the video. This is supposed to be just easy but because I am not used to doing this style, I needed to take a good look. Also if you are a medium-large frame, you may need a bigger wrap because this one you’ll have to wrap around the body before finally tying it to a knot or use bangle to accentuate the shoulder knot.

wrap dress sassy drape cardigan

Finally the cardigan. Take note that you will have to use the wrap vertically this time. This can be a little tricky and more complicated to accomplish compared to the other ones shown above but with constant practice, you’ll get it.

There you go! Aren’t you also excited now to experiment with your wraps the next time you’ll wear it? Don’t be boring, get into it, experiment a little and trust me, you’ll look extra sexy even without baring it all.


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Leggings and Shoe Laces


Leggings are comfortable and super casual, but you don’t have the liberty of keeping it casual at all times. Sometimes you need to dress it up just enough to shine brighter than the other girls when you walk into a room. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your leggings in the dresser drawer. There are ways to dress up this casual, comfy look.

Start by ditching your athletic tees and sweatshirts and picking up a dressier blouse. Look for something loose with a longer fit, and consider topping it off with a wide belt in a contrasting color. A metallic belt that wraps around the waist multiple times can make a more sophisticated statement as well.

colored leggings

You shoes can also make a big difference, so go with a heel and sleek style. Top it off with a few accessories on your arm or around your neck. You may even want to add a fun touch to your hair by tying it up with colored shoe laces in an interesting way. That unexpected pop of color in your tresses will play up the casual tone of your leggings while maintaining your dressed-up style.

The great thing about dressing up your leggings is that you can quickly undress your leggings when you are ready to relax. When the big event is over or the work day comes to an end, you can whip off that belt, untie the laces from your hair, and get out of those heels. Within minutes, you are ready to take it easy in complete comfort.

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The Beauty Benefits of Rosehip Oil


I’m sure most of you ladies have heard about the beauty wonders Rosehip oil brings. I am posting it again here anyways, in case you need some reminders. Rose hips are the seed pod left after the rose petals fall off. Rose hips are high in vitamin C and edible, but most people use rose hips to make rose hip oil. It has long been celebrated for their natural ingredients that brighten and rejuvenate the skin. There are a lot of skin care products containing rosehip oil as one of its ingredients. But do you know that you can actually make your own rosehip oil? Oh yes you can! Scroll down further as I am including the howto prepare a rosehip oil from scratch.

rosehip oil benefits

Before the making of the rosehip oil, here are the most known benefits of rosehip oil to which supermodel and supermom Miranda Kerr is also a huge fan.


  1. Helps blemishes fade and minimizes pores.
  2. It’s a dry oil that can even help balance oily skin to prevent breakouts.
  3. Helps to reverse sun spots and other damage from too much time in the sun.
  4. Excellent natural moisturizer and dry skin remedy.
  5. Helps improve and prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines
  6. Can help reduce the signs of stretch marks and even prevent new ones from forming.
  7. Improves and reduces the appearance of scars.

And here’s how to make your own rosehip oil.

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Beauty Question : How to Apply Shimmer Lotion or Powder


Shimmer adds sexiness to your entire look. But wrong application can make you look sparkly in a not so nice way! (think of Edward Cullen :D). Shimmer is meant to highlight or accentuate certain features. Remember not to apply shimmer everywhere.

beauty question 2Okay so here it is. Before applying it, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized to avoid streaking or clumping. Concentrate on areas that reflect light, like your shoulder, collarbone, elbows, knees and cleavage. For powder formulas, use a large, fluffy brush (I especially love my SUESH Brush) – Find them at Zalora and check out also array of fabulous suesh makeup brushes in various colors (I’m eyeing the pink one).

Anyway, if you are applying shimmer lotion, mix it with regular lotion for a more subtle effect.

Here are some tips also in choosing shimmer makeup.
*Use your highlighter color on the corners of the eyes to make them stand out.
*For a more dramatic effect and matte look apply with a damp sponge or make-up brush.
*Use a lighter tone for day use and a bit darker during the night. Remember to consider your skin tone in choosing your correct shade.
*Use full, round Blush Brush for best application of your shimmer.
*Using your brush, apply small amount on the apple of your cheeks

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Elegant and Sleek Bun using a Sock


Hello pretty ladies! Who among you loves some beautiful and sexy curls for a party or just to look fabulous on any given day? (me raising my two hands). I love having my hair curled! It adds up to my confidence knowing how sexy it looks :P. Normally we use electric curling iron or the curlers to achieve the sexy curl. Too bad though that I don’t always have the luxury of time to do all those. So what I did, if I decide to be curly the next day or hours later for something special, I do the doughnut bun magic! It’s pretty elegant actually – Audrey Hepburn-ish I must say. The curls afterwards is just an added bunos. You can either stay with the elegant bun or undo it later on for fabulous curls! Either way, you will definitely look regal and sexy!

doughnut bun
Doughnut bun – check out below for a short tutorial on how to do it. Putting those unused socks to use. This looks tedious but trust me! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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