Fitness Programs You Can Do at Anytime Fitness

I have been a gym goer for 3 years now and I am a self-confessed iron addict. I love lifting weights that I can really say, it’s hard getting by a week without a dose of it. I have transitioned, no, actually cross trained as I got felt the need to do something else aside from lifting weights at the gym and to actually go out and experience a new fitness high, thus I became a runner, more on trail running. No I am not a pro unlike the other runners who makes running part of their daily routine. But I have had my fair share of marathons (road and trail).

So talking about cross-training or doing another form of exercise is something advisable especially to those who gets bored with a particular exercise easily. It helps someone who to know himself more and assess his strength and capabilities fitness-wise.

As someone who have been in this Fitness journey for quite a while now, I would say for those who are just embarking into their fitness journey, go to a gym that offers various programs. That way you can evaluate which program to focus on or devote most of your time as you progress into your fitness journey and achieve that body goal and fitness level you have set yourself into.

Check out Anytime Fitness

The premier international 24/7 Anytime Fitness gym is finally here in Cagayan de Oro. 24/7 means you can workout anytime of the day and any day of the week. So whatever your schedule is, you can always squeeze in a workout when you are enrolled at Anytime Fitness.

I’ve talked about cross-training and choosing the best fitness program to devote your weightloss journey to and there’s no better place to start it with than Anytime Fitness. At Anytime Fitness you get to choose or even enjoy each Fitness program they are offering. Here are the class they offer alongwith its respective schedules.

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Be Fit Any time at Anytime Fitness

With today’s fast pacing lifestyle and demanding workloads and schedule of most people, the common reason why working out is neglected is due to lack of time or the availability of fitness centers when some people finally have the time to workout.

Personally, there are times that I too, no matter how committed I am in keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle and not skip the gym as much as possible especially on weekdays, I get caught up with my busy schedule (work, home chores, blog events, and other errands) that I end up missing my workout because, oftentimes because it’s going to be too late for me to workout and the gym will have to close even before I finish my entire routine. Or when I want to workout on Sundays, most gym/fitness centers are closed or they open up pretty late (in my city).

Good thing, Anytime Fitness is officially launching in Cagayan de Oro and I am thrilled with the fact that they will be the first gym/fitness center in the city that will open 24/7! Yes! You read it right! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That means, I, anyone can workout anytime of the day from Monday to Sunday without worrying the gym will close sooner especially those who workout in the evening.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness who have been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the number 1 Top Global Franchise twice in a row (2015 & 2016) is the world’s largest gym franchise with more than 3500 clubs worldwide. What makes it appealing is the convenience of the members when it comes to working out. Flexibility of workout schedule works best with Anytime Fitness as they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Also, one of the perks an Anytime Fitness club member is having access to any Anytime Fitness gym across the country! So wherever you are, as long as there’s an AF branch, you can definitely gain access to that branch and workout just like you are working out on your AF main branch (your city). You can also access clubs in different parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and many other countries.

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Vivo APEX kicks up future of ‘bezel-less’ phones

Global smartphone brand Vivo keeps pushing its limits following the reveal of the APEX™ FullView™ concept smartphone at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. With this new model, Vivo is determined to get ahead of the competition by reducing the bezels to 1.8mm on the top and at the sidesand 4.3mm at the bottom with a screen size of 5.99 inches. These specs make the APEX the thinnest bezel-less phone with the highest screen-to- body ratio in the industry. In fact, the screen-to- body ratio may exceed 98% if the lower bezel is also reduced to 1.8mm for a genuine all-screen display experience.

A look at the revolutionary Vivo APEX concept smartphone that sets a new benchmark in the industry

It also eliminates the idea of a notch, as introduced by Apple in iPhone X. To recall, Apple’s iPhone X has a screen size of only 5.8 inches and a screen-to- body ratio of a mere 82.9%. Samsung’s Galaxy S8, alo has a screen size of 5.8 inches and a screen-to- body ratio of 83.6% despite its “Infinity Display” hashtag. Thus, both flagship phones are not even on the fringe of the 98% screen-to- body ratio of Vivo’s APEX.

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