The Rewards of Living Beside a Mall

Having a place near a shopping mall brings us benefits that are worth to appreciate. Here are some of the perks one gets to experience and enjoy in living near shopping malls.


Primavera City Living near shopping mall

Convenience in Buying

Imagine if going to a mall after a long day of work means you still have to fight with traffic jam to get there for a quick shop, for grocery shopping or probably just hangout to relax. Stressful right? Compared to when you live near a shopping mall, you can even still go home to change before malling since it’s just around the block.  Above all, enjoy easy access to products and items that are only available in shopping centers. Whatever you need, you won’t have to fret!

Avoiding the Holiday Rush

Nobody loves getting caught up in a crowd of holiday shoppers so if you are in for a last minute shopping for the holidays, you can be there before everyone else will and finish your holiday shopping without getting so stressed out (crowd + holiday traffic jam!). AND! the perks of living nearby during Mall SALE! you can be there first and shop for as long as you want because going back to your place won’t be an issue.

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Eating the Italian Style

I am a fan of anything Italian! The blended luxury and simplicity of their houses to their dishes that I think most of us Filipinos have learned to love too. One of the goals for me is to live in a modern Italian-inspired home and I found that at Primavera City. I am totally inlove with their selection of smart and elegant homes.

So given the opportunity, I would love to live the Italian way! And the closest I could get to that lifestyle is investing in a property that is Italian-inspired such as Primavera City. Apart from the home’s elegance, one thing I love about living and investing in Primavera City is its location. It is conveniently situated at Uptown CDO, along the Pueblo Business Park and the area is surrounded by commercial centers, and restaurants! Places to eat! The “eating” part surely resonates! I honestly love to eat as much as I also love to workout.

I mentioned about loving everything Italian and I am so thrilled to know that Luna Restoranti is just around the corner and very very accessible! In fact it is just at the ground floor or Primavera Residences. Luna Ristoranti serves the best Pizzas and Italian cuisine in Camiguin, now finally serving in Cagayan de Oro completing my Italian way of living without going to Italy! (I would still love to go there though if given the chance).

luna restorante cdo

Luna Restoranti serves authentic Italian Pizza and pasta dishes that will surely leave its customers craving for more! Add fresh salads and delicious Italian desserts to complete your Italian culinary experience.

Check out their mouth-watering menu and beverages that go along best with whatever you will have.

Photo Credits: Luna Ristoranti CDO Facebook
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5 things I love at Primavera Residences

I was introduced to Primavera Residences few years back when it was actually just starting with its first building and back then, I didn’t think that living in a building with other people was very practical. Now few years after, that view changed as time also changed. Why? Well, here are 5 reasons why my view changed about it, or let me just be specific, The 5 things I love at Primareva City.

Primavera city

Guys, what made me write this is because recently I was just at Primavera and I was totally in awe with what I saw and experienced. It changed my mind and my views on living at Primavera Residences.


Primavera Residences is at the best location you can find. How awesome it is to be living just few meters away from practically everything! The mall, 7/11, gasoline stations, various restaurants and dining places.  It is just along Pueblo Business Park and the IT Ecozone. The area is surrounded by commercial centers, hospitals, government offices, important educational institutions and a world-class 18-hole golf course among other things. Uptown CDO is a growing community that caters to different sectors of business and society so definitely it’s a great and ideal place to live in.



Photo Credits: SkyscraperCity

Primavera City is composed of modern Italian-inspired designed units built in elegance and with eco-friendly features.  Simple, cozy and functional design. Imagine a distinctive quality of living in a European designed building with metropolitan standard construction — total love!



Photo Credits: SkyscraperCity

The combination of natural ventilation, shading louvers, water recycling and solar panels places Primavera City at the cutting edge of smart, eco-friendly communities. At Primavera City you get to get big savings with lower utility costs because it offers less energy needed to cool your unit, less water to maintain the property and renewable energy straight from the building’s roof.



primavera city ameneties
Photo Credits: SkyscraperCity

I got totally floored with Primavera City’s amenities! I am all sold out! Sky Garden where you get a spectacular view of the Macajalar Bay, and then for someone like me who is a fitness junkie, the huge Gym at the rooftop and the Swimming Pool is a massive selling point! The idea of being able to workout few minutes away from my doorstep is just amazingly convenient!  And oh, there’s the Sauna – what? Yes! A Sauna! I am freaking out with the Primavera City’s awesomeness! Moms and Dads, there’s also a Playground, a safe environment for the kids to play. Plus, the Function Hall! What else can a resident ask for?




Photo Credits: SkyscraperCity

One very crucial factor in owning a unit is the quality of service the building is capable to give. So, let me just break it down to you real quick. There’s the 24-hour reception available to assist you and the functional 24/7 Surveillance CCTV camera for everyone’s protection. Elevators, Wi-Fi Areas, Solar Panels of course the source of green energy and a standby generator set in all common areas of the building as Emergency Power. Primavera City is all in when it comes to making our lives easier.

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