#makeITsafePH How to Surf the Net Safely

There’s no denying that the Internet has already been an integral part of our daily lives. The Internet has become a source of information for almost everything that is detrimental to our daily living. With just one click, you get answers to your questions about a lot of things. But the most benefit that everyone get from the Internet is the communication. It bridges the gap and made communication instant and very affordable compared to the past years where people have to wait for days or even months to hear from their loved ones who are away for work or vacation or for whatever reason. With today’s technology and Internet, your love ones is just a chat or a video call away!

Do you know that Philippines now has 67 million Internet users, with all of them active on social media? This is according to the report conducted by Hootsuite  a US-based social media management platform, this  social media and digital trends around the world report called “Digital in 2018”. Imagine 67MILLION Filipinos on the Internet! While it’s great to know that millions of Filipinos are enjoying this trend and lifestyle, there’s also this apprehension of its safeness. It’s also a fact that a lot of people have become victims to different kinds of crimes small or big with the Internet as its portal. This happens on Social Media and by simply surfing the net.

Talking about surfing the net, it seems really harmless right? You just open a browser (Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari) and type in the website’s url you want to visit and viola, it’s there! But do you know that with just simply browsing the net you can be in danger or harm? You can be tracked, hackers can have access on your computer and worst comes in when they get access to your personal information! You wouldn’t want that to happen right?

To help you avoid compromising your privacy and safety online, here are basic but essential tips for you.

Be careful what links you click on – Avoid clicking links in an email, Instant Message or on your social network unless you are sure  where and who the message is coming from. Avoid clicking on ads because mainly those are bait and unsecured aiming to just fish personal information. Be vigilant also with cybercriminals possibly hacking on your friends or family’s accounts. These people who have hacked into other people’s account would go into the list of people in the account hacked and would often ask for money related help. Always verify with the person concerned.

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Live Brighter with Sun Life Financial

I recently attended the Sun Life Financial Live Brighter Forum at the Mallberry Suites, Cagayan de Oro City. It was a FREE event which focused on what an individual (you and me) can do to make a difference in every Filipino’s life by becoming a Sun Life Financial advisor and help educating every Filipino as to what “financial freedom” really means and how will it impact their future and their family.

Financial Literacy, Wait, What?

Financial literacy simply means knowing how to manage your money. It is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it, and also expends it.

But, it is a sad fact that most Filipinos are financially illiterate. Our culture does not teach us well to prepare for the future financially. We grow up with the mindset that the most important thing we should pay attention to are the things we consider as “necessity” such us our basic commodities like foods, shelter, and clothing. Savings is not really a part of the priorities. Much more this thing we call INVESTMENT.

The terms related to Insurance, Investment, and Savings oftentimes means an additional burden and we often just shrug it off because we think we can get by with life without it and we just don’t see the need for it as long as we get to eat 3x a day, send kids to school (elementary and high school at least), and well, buy some decent clothing. Guilty? Yes, me too! Thankfully something like Sun Life Financial is here to finally lovingly correct that. And they need your help!

Be a part of the team and become a Sun Life Financial Advisor!

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Fitness Programs You Can Do at Anytime Fitness

I have been a gym goer for 3 years now and I am a self-confessed iron addict. I love lifting weights that I can really say, it’s hard getting by a week without a dose of it. I have transitioned, no, actually cross trained as I got felt the need to do something else aside from lifting weights at the gym and to actually go out and experience a new fitness high, thus I became a runner, more on trail running. No I am not a pro unlike the other runners who makes running part of their daily routine. But I have had my fair share of marathons (road and trail).

So talking about cross-training or doing another form of exercise is something advisable especially to those who gets bored with a particular exercise easily. It helps someone who to know himself more and assess his strength and capabilities fitness-wise.

As someone who have been in this Fitness journey for quite a while now, I would say for those who are just embarking into their fitness journey, go to a gym that offers various programs. That way you can evaluate which program to focus on or devote most of your time as you progress into your fitness journey and achieve that body goal and fitness level you have set yourself into.

Check out Anytime Fitness

The premier international 24/7 Anytime Fitness gym is finally here in Cagayan de Oro. 24/7 means you can workout anytime of the day and any day of the week. So whatever your schedule is, you can always squeeze in a workout when you are enrolled at Anytime Fitness.

I’ve talked about cross-training and choosing the best fitness program to devote your weightloss journey to and there’s no better place to start it with than Anytime Fitness. At Anytime Fitness you get to choose or even enjoy each Fitness program they are offering. Here are the class they offer alongwith its respective schedules.

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