Glittery Flats for less than a Hundred

So this is my first time to post a videoblog here. Kudos to me for learning how to do this on my own! In the name of nice, cheap and gorgeous fashion. I was actually just browsing some couple of fashion blogs yesterday and came across break my style blog. Her latest post on re-inventing your flats or pumps inspired me to do something sort of same nature.

I have always been wanting to buy a red shoe and some glittery flats. For some reason I find them outrageously expensive! Thanks to break my style for giving me the idea. I wanted to try doing the “Glitterfy Your Flats” thing so I made a trip to the “ukay-ukay” this morning to scout for some flats I can play on. Found a pair of pink flats for guess how much? P30.00 only! that’s less than a dollar girl! I now have a Red Glittered Flats for less than a hundred! How did I do it? See how I re-invented those old and worn out pink flats :). Hope you’ll find it interesting.

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  1. @Nicquee – I think it will work just fine with Suede material. If you have an old one which u r no longer using, try it and tell us of the outcome :). Thanks for visiting.

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