Kikay Store Haul

By saying haul, I don’t mean a whole lot of stuff in my bag. Just enough to make me happy :). I happen to drop by my favorite kikay store where I can get all items in very affordable prices. It’s basically my favorite place to go when I have this urge to buy new accessories and fashion jewelries. They also have other stuff like makeup (not branded), bags, hair accessories, school supplies etc. Well anyway, here’s what I got from my last visit.

The blue gold metal in a glossy rope is very appealing to me. The combination of the gold metal and the glossy rope brings casual elegance and I find this perfect for a casual chic look.

Miss beauty nail color

And here! I am totally loving this year’s color radiant orchid so when I saw the array of nail colors displayed, I figured out I need to update the colors in my manicuring set so I got these two! I got these for only P45/each. This is actually the first time I am trying this brand and I am loving it! I love how solid the color is when it’s applied to my nails. It’s also a quick dry nail polish so it’s perfect to have when you don’t have much luxury to sit and wait until your nail polish dries up completely.

manicure 2014
The result (please excuse my amateur output)


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