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How Not To Dress – 10 Common Fashion Mistakes To Avoid!

dressing up

dressing up
There are many fashion mistakes here we will outline 10 of the most common ones. Many of the mistakes are made simply because women want to follow every fashion and of course, every trend does not suit everyone. There are just some designs made by the best fashion designers in the world that does not fit everyone. Anyone can present a stylish, classic, chic and fashionable look, but first let’s look at 10 common fashion mistakes which you should definitely avoid.

1. Your clothes are not the right size.

Wearing baggy clothes will simply make you look fatter and so do clothes that are too small they simply highlight bulges and can make you look un appealing and stupid.

Buy the size you truly are and not the size you would like to be.

2. Wrinkled Garments

A great suit or dress needs to be wrinkle-free and ironed for you to look your best, buy clothes that are easy to care for and don’t wrinkle easily, if you don’t have much time.

3. Fashion trends that don’t suit you.

Keep in mind your figure and age and only wear items you look good in and not just something because it looks great on someone else.

Face the reality!

For example, if short skirts are the latest fashion trend in women’s clothing and you don’t have great legs pass it by. There are numerous fashions and stylish looks and there is one to suit you – You don’t have to follow every fashion because you have seen a celebrity wear it or seen it a fashion show – Be sensible!

4. Showing bra and panty lines.

Wear proper fitting undergarments. If they do fit you correctly and you can see lines, then your clothes are simply too tight.

Don’t wear any dress size that is too small, you are simply deceiving yourself about your true size. Keep your bra straps properly adjusted so they’re not visible

If your jeans and trousers are low-rise, your panties should be too although it has become fashionable to show your panties, this look wont last.

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