Beauty Question : How to Apply Shimmer Lotion or Powder

Shimmer adds sexiness to your entire look. But wrong application can make you look sparkly in a not so nice way! (think of Edward Cullen :D). Shimmer is meant to highlight or accentuate certain features. Remember not to apply shimmer everywhere.

beauty question 2Okay so here it is. Before applying it, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized to avoid streaking or clumping. Concentrate on areas that reflect light, like your shoulder, collarbone, elbows, knees and cleavage. For powder formulas, use a large, fluffy brush (I especially love my SUESH Brush) – Find them at Zalora and check out also array of fabulous suesh makeup brushes in various colors (I’m eyeing the pink one).

Anyway, if you are applying shimmer lotion, mix it with regular lotion for a more subtle effect.

Here are some tips also in choosing shimmer makeup.
*Use your highlighter color on the corners of the eyes to make them stand out.
*For a more dramatic effect and matte look apply with a damp sponge or make-up brush.
*Use a lighter tone for day use and a bit darker during the night. Remember to consider your skin tone in choosing your correct shade.
*Use full, round Blush Brush for best application of your shimmer.
*Using your brush, apply small amount on the apple of your cheeks

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