Buy Wholesale to Enjoy Better Profit Margin

With the change of weather taking place in different parts of the world, we see people traveling from one place to another to order to escape from the cold winter to enjoy the warm sunny beaches of another country. Yearly, there will be exodus of tourists from the countries going through the cold winter to countries with warm weather. I know of friends who make yearly trips to Asian countries to escape the extremely cold weather in their homeland. Some of them make the trips due to health reasons.

These friends not only just travel to enjoy the warm weather of their holiday destinations but at the same time, they buy back souvenirs and goodies to distribute to their friends. There are some who will buy and make a profit out of the goods they buy by selling to their friends when they are back home.

I have friends who will buy many things in bulk to sell to their friends and make good profit out of it. We normally will buy one unit and save the money for other items for our own use, but for those who are in business, it is a different story all together. Buying in bulk is cheaper and help save cost, and with the extra money saved, it can be used to invest in more goods. My friend started out buying small items such as cosmetics, accessories, etc. and reselling them to her college friends with a small profit.

Fast forward, this friend has since made quite a substantial profit to pay for her tuition fees when she was in college. She is still in this part time business as she has her own group of faithful buyers or customers. She has also included buying wholesale glasses to add to the variety of choices for her customers.

One of her main suppliers is the Apparel Candy wholesaler. This is where she sources for the latest and trendiest fashion sunglasses, buying them at affordable below-wholesale price. There is an extensive selection of wholesale sunglasses from Aviator, Classic, Novelty, as well as vintage and polarized sunglasses. There is a current demand for vintage sunglasses and she has increased the vintage sunglasses wholesale orders.

Besides adult sunglasses, wholesalers are offering children’s sunglasses as well. Other than sunglasses, the wholesalers also supplies driving, reading glasses, ski goggles, etc. There are also accessories such as string, stands, cases, etc. for the glasses.

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Fashion OOTDs

“Being stylish means standing out…yet fitting in at the same time..”

Hola ladies! I’m back with my OOTD scene! I know it’s been a while since my last update and I am so guilty for kind of falling out of the fashion blogging wagon the past days. Though I consistently post OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) on my Instagram account, I awfully fail to blog about them.  Schedule’s been crazy busy lately, new home, workout, work, and God knows what else! I pretty much compiled my OOTDs though so here sharing some of them (yes, more than one of my OOTDs).

Wore this one on one of the recent dinner meeting with my blogger friends with one of the country’s giant Telcos Social Media and Marketing team. Thanks to friends who have such great fashion sense :D.

Top: Floral Prints I got from one of the local stores
Jeggings: Cotton On
Shoes: Zanea

fashion OOTD 2
Went for a quick lunch with some friends and old colleagues I have missed so much! Actually it was a christening lunch and I had so much fun. I didn’t want to go overdressed so I decided to go simple with this.

Top: Got this from one of my favorite online store Zalora. I just love Zalora Fashion!
Skirt: Cotton On
Shoes: Gibi
Bag: My Closet

fashion OOTD
Another meeting with my blogger friends. I was feeling girly so I don’t know, perhaps I just find this look, young and sexy! This outfit lasted til midnight just because I have tons of things to attend to and I didn’t have time to change. lol! Anyway, I recommend checking out Next Clothing to get this look. They have tons of cutesy stuff for women.

Top: My closet
Shorts: Scalloped shorts courtesy of my baby love Diane 🙂
Shoes: Zanea
Handbag: Kipling

Browsing through my instagram photos I realized that I have more gym OOTDs! hahaha! Will definitely share them soon here!

Thanks for dropping by!


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Choosing Your Working Clothes

Good work clothing is an important part of any worker’s day. For people who work in tougher conditions, it is absolutely vital to have clothing that fits well, is comfortable and can stand up to the test of weather and hard work.

Finding good work clothing is not as hard as you would think. All it takes is a keen eye and a bit of knowledge to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to picking out sturdy and comfortable work clothes.

A good pair of work pants should be stain resistant. While this may seem like common sense information, some work pants are not stain resistant at all. You will want to find a pair that clearly state on the tag that they are made to repel stains and stay clean longer in harsh environments.

You will also want a pair that will not tear easily. Dickies Clothing is a company that is well-known and trusted in the work clothing industry. Their pants are made to last, and their double knee technology is quite popular among those who work in heavy physical labor and outdoor fields.

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