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Where to Get The Right Hair Scissors

The right tools make any job easier. Your job as a hairdresser is made easier with professional hair scissors and shears from such popular manufacturers as Kenchii, Kamisori, Tsubame, Antelope and Wolff available at Hair is the single most important feature to a person for beauty and self-confidence. “A bad hair day” is the [...]

Hair Loss and Dry Hair Solution

It’s  summer and my hair starts to feel dry and spungy! Not even the effort of ironing it can bring it back to life. Apart from the spungy issue, I also am worried of strands falling everytime I comb it. I guess, a lot of you ladies can relate to this hair fall problem. I [...]

Oily Hair – Neutralizing Solutions

So that oil factory you call your scalp just doesn’t know when to stop and it has become a frequent downer that it would even equal to hair loss problems. What could’ve been causing it? Well, it could be that you have too much hair. the finer your hair, the more hair you have per [...]

Goody Spin Pin for a Fabulous Bun


A friend one day excitedly shared to me an awesome way of doing a clean and “tieless” bun by using extraordinary pins that keeps the hair intact and damage free. So of course I had to try it and see for myself how effective are those little pins my friend is raving about. Did a [...]

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