The Start of My Fitness Journey

then and now fitness

I recently posted a Then and Now photo of me on a weight loss supplement page in Social Media and I have received tons of questions on how I managed to get to where I am now. Well actually I have been receiving questions eversince people noticed the weight loss.

then and now fitness

Well, where do I start? Okay, often I get questions like, What’s your secret? How did you it? Do you go to the gym? What weight loss product are you using? Or even Nag Herbalife ka? And all sorts of questions relating to it. Thank you guys for all the questions, it led me to write another blog post so I can answer the questions and of course share my fitness journey because I really really want to inspire you ladies and even gents out there to be at your healthiest and most fit self.

So how big was I? I started to bloat 2008, I was in the call center industry. It didn’t really bother me that much so I did not notice that I actually got bigger as the years progressed. Now looking back at my photos from 2009-2011, I can’t believe how I let myself go like that! I knew I gained weight but I did not think of myself as FAT. No one pointed it out to me, or probably they’re too scared of the maldita me? Hahaha! Back then, cakes, pizza, ice cream, frappucinos, humba, coke, and rice means life to me! I would unmindfully eat those kind of foods ANYTIME of the day, even at midnight!

I am this lady who loves to dress up! I love fashion, I am kikay as they call it and I don’t know, my weight didn’t seem to bother me. But then later on, shopping for clothes became frustrating because I could not fit into the ones I really love! I felt so fashionably limited, I find it hard to breathe, I felt heavy and so unhealthy!  Finally I got so aware of my weight problem and told myself I need to do something!

fitness workout from home

Working out from home

So I started to battle the weight gain. Ugh! It wasn’t easy! It’s was like a roller coaster ride! I have been battling with losing weight since 2011. Then I went through an emotional turmoil too so that also kind of fueled my eagerness to re-create myself. So I started getting into the workout wagon early 2012. I started going for morning runs, and doing all these home workouts, intermittently! I worked out from home mostly by following videos from youtube. Dance workout, Pilates, Yoga sometimes, and finally those HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout by Jillian Michaels and there’s this insanely Insanity by Shaun T that kills me each time I get into it! Yes, I tried them all and I would always feel great everytime I finish a routine. To be honest, I am quite surprised of my stamina despite my big self. I even did the Insanity challenge but on my 6th week I had to stop because I developed vertigo in doing such intense workout and not having enough sleep (my fault actually). I also did join a Nutrition club weight loss challenge but didn’t last until the end. I would join fun runs, Zumba classes, and swim occasionally. All of these things I tried, I had little success. I succeeded in losing a few pounds but I would always end up gaining them back or even more. I was INCONSISTENT and wasn’t paying attention to my DIET!


You think I stopped? No I didn’t! See? I was that determined but I was CLUELESS. Thankfully I was introduced to my coach last March of 2015. Coach Moy as we call him, pretty much explained a lot of things to me, especially the Nutrition part. He introduced me to strength training, which means, working out would include lifting weights, and lots of it.  I wasn’t really looking into going to the gym that time. My issues were;

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