Katy Perry Endorses Proactiv

Acne won’t be The One that will get away with beautiful and stylish singer Katy Perry. The fashion icon joined fellow Hollywood Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and the pop heart throb, Justin Bieber as the New Face of Proactiv. Like every normal person, she have had her “hate-acne-relationship” brought about by stress and lack of sleep when she started doing world tours and road shows. She found a FAST and GENTLE way of getting rid of those unwanted acne through Proactiv. The icon is sharing her story to everyone as she believe that there’s a solution for acne problems. This is very inspiring and I am quite sure she will be an inspiration to a lot of teenagers who are commonly experiencing this annoying Acne attack!

I remember way back in my early highschool days, acne is my number 1 teenage problem! I have tried so many ways to eradicate them not knowing some of those were actually harmful for my skin. I depended on natural remedies after trying on some “usual recommended produts” as solution. After reading about the new proactiv, I realize the harm I could’ve done to my skin with all those tried chemicals.

Katy shared that she is using New Proactiv with micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to fight back acne. Micro crystal benzoyl peroxide can be absorbed quickly by skin (even to clogged pores) to kill the acne causing bacteria so this will yield satisfying results even faster. Also the benzoyl peroxide goes directly to the target and it does not stay on the surface of the skin thus it lessens the rate of dryness and redness that is associated with benzoyl peroxide.


The New Proactiv is exclusively available in all Watsons Stores and SM Department stores nationwide. Please be aware that there are unauthorized outlets selling Proactiv products. They are FAKE so please buy only at designated Watsons outlets.

Since it’s the holiday season and it’s the time for giving, Proactiv gives generous offers to their customers including a chance to see Katy Perry on her concert at the Mall of Asia on January 22, 2012. I took the liberty of copying the mechanics so you don’t need to look for it.

You may use this coupon code.

Proactiv discount coupon at Watsons (Philippines) valid until January 31, 2012 PROMO MECHANICS
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