#makeITsafePH How to Surf the Net Safely

There’s no denying that the Internet has already been an integral part of our daily lives. The Internet has become a source of information for almost everything that is detrimental to our daily living. With just one click, you get answers to your questions about a lot of things. But the most benefit that everyone get from the Internet is the communication. It bridges the gap and made communication instant and very affordable compared to the past years where people have to wait for days or even months to hear from their loved ones who are away for work or vacation or for whatever reason. With today’s technology and Internet, your love ones is just a chat or a video call away!

Do you know that Philippines now has 67 million Internet users, with all of them active on social media? This is according to the report conducted by Hootsuite  a US-based social media management platform, this  social media and digital trends around the world report called “Digital in 2018”. Imagine 67MILLION Filipinos on the Internet! While it’s great to know that millions of Filipinos are enjoying this trend and lifestyle, there’s also this apprehension of its safeness. It’s also a fact that a lot of people have become victims to different kinds of crimes small or big with the Internet as its portal. This happens on Social Media and by simply surfing the net.

Talking about surfing the net, it seems really harmless right? You just open a browser (Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari) and type in the website’s url you want to visit and viola, it’s there! But do you know that with just simply browsing the net you can be in danger or harm? You can be tracked, hackers can have access on your computer and worst comes in when they get access to your personal information! You wouldn’t want that to happen right?

To help you avoid compromising your privacy and safety online, here are basic but essential tips for you.

Be careful what links you click on – Avoid clicking links in an email, Instant Message or on your social network unless you are sure  where and who the message is coming from. Avoid clicking on ads because mainly those are bait and unsecured aiming to just fish personal information. Be vigilant also with cybercriminals possibly hacking on your friends or family’s accounts. These people who have hacked into other people’s account would go into the list of people in the account hacked and would often ask for money related help. Always verify with the person concerned.

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Investment A Gift To Self

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Spend your time, money, and energy on improving your life and self.”

“Investment is money committed or property acquired for future income.
Two main classes of investment are (1) Fixed income investment such as bonds, fixed deposits, preference shares, and (2) Variable income investment such as business ownership (equities), or property ownership. In economics, investment means creation of capital or goods capable of producing other goods or services. Expenditure on education and health is recognized as an investment in human capital, and research and development in intellectual capital. Return on investment (ROI) is a key measure of an organization’s performance.”
– businessdictionary.com

Talking about investment. It is in this holiday season that most of us gets extra rewards for the hard work over the year in the form of bonuses or 13th month pay or even 14th month pay to those few who are lucky. Wouldn’t it be nice if your 13th month pay or bonus will serve as a testament of all the sweat and time you devoted to your job? I mean, spending it wisely. And what’s the best way to do that? Well, there are a lot of ways to spend your hard earned money actually but I think the best and most rewarding way is spending it through Investing or in an Investment.

This holiday season may be just the right time to turn one of your biggest dreams into reality — living independently or simply having your own property. Since we are talking about investment, why not invest on your own Condo unit? You can be independent and live by yourself OR own one and have the opportunity to grow your money without getting too involved in the “process”.

Primavera City

With condo units now made more affordable and accessible, there is practically no reason why you can’t have your own home if you are earning reasonable income.

Take this quick tip into account when planning for this investment

If you are planning to live on the property, note that condominiums are often located in strategic areas, it is very practical to find a property near your place of work. This means that you get to cut down on transportation expenses. You can then use the extra savings for something else, or put it as an additional savings. A home closer to work also means extra time saved, which you can use to earn on the side or simply spend more time with your family (which is priceless!). Living in a condo also means you get access to amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and walking paths. That, again, means extra savings for you, not to mention a higher quality of life.

Then, this second quick tip goes out to those who are looking into making it a serious investment. In buying your own condo unit, know who your target market is. Will they be young professionals? College students? New couple? From there, you decide the type of unit to invest in. Condominium developers is that they build projects for specific groups of people.

Invest in Primavera City

In Cagayan de Oro, Primavera City is the best place to invest. Primavera City is a breakthrough project by Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), an Italian-Filipino property firm driven to be the leading green builder of the country. Primavera City is prominently located near major establishments in Uptown CDO. SM Mall, Leading primary and secondary schools, recreation areas, IT Park, to name a few. This guarantees residents to have a comfortable and easy lifestyle.

Because Primavera is situated in the uptown part of the city, it is guaranteed to be flood-proof and safe when heavy rains threatens.

Apart from its location, Primavera City is designed to be an eco-friendly building and employs renewable energy from the solar panels installed on its roof. Primavera City being a green building guarantees savings in both electricity and water consumption because it is designed to be energy efficient.

These are just few of the reasons why it is wise to put your investment with IDC(Primavera City).

Remember: Don’t just see that hard earned money go to waste. Spend it on things worth every penny.

So, planning to invest on your own condo unit or want to know more about the Primavera City property? Visit primaveracity.italpinas.com or call 0917-792-1078 or (088) 880-5002.

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Car Purchase Tips

Sponsored post.

Do you consider researching before making any car purchase? Do you love to compare prices from one car dealer to another? Are you a wise car buyer who thinks things out first or are you rushing your car purchases?

In anything that you do, rushing won’t be of great help most especially when you are about to buy a car. You know that a vehicle is so important and it is like one of the major purchases that you are going to make in life. Hence, you need to think about it first before going to a car dealer. Gaining some knowledge on the vehicle that you love would be a great thing to do. At least, when you visit a car dealer, you are knowledgeable enough on the vehicle that you are going to buy. Also, comparing one car dealer to another will also help you have the baseline price of the vehicle, and it will result that you will somehow save some bucks on your car purchase.

Through all of these, visiting Cars.com can one way or another help you gain some information on that particular vehicle that you want to buy. There are many of available information about cars on this website. You can read good reviews from car owners, and you can watch videos when you want to. Reading some tips and everything about cars is available in Cars.com. So, it’s going to be your choice now!

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