Beginner Makeup Tips and Tricks

I personally love to wear makeup, just a simple one. I have to admit that I cannot leave the house with a bare face. I’d feel so naked if I’ll do. My usual routine is Sunblock cream, BB Cream/liquid foundation, eyebrow (if I have the time), eyeliner and a quick mascara to open my eyes and a lipstick then I’m good to go! I rarely put on some blush.

I know a lot of women doesn’t like to put on some makeup for various reasons (time, lack of skills, skin issues, or they’re just not used to it). Some even think they don’t need it, not for any reason. Of course I respect that. But I truly believe that whether we love to put on some makeup or not, it is important that we have the knowledge how to do it because there will be a point in our lives ladies, where we will have to put on some face colors by ourselves. If you feel that you don’t have the skills and the knowledge to do makeup by yourself, this one is for you.

beginner makeup tips

Makeup can either make you or break you so be sure that when you decide to put some on, at least know the basics. Youtube is a great source I must say! There are tons of tutorials uploaded from the basics to the most awesome and complicated makeup tricks. As much as I am awed with all the talented makeup artists (professional or not) I have this knack for tutorials for the beginners. I always look for a makeup tutorial that is easy to follow and I’m glad I found this simple tutorial by TheMakeupChair. I just love how simple yet detailed the video is. This is just very basic so I hope this will also help you as much as it did help me in getting my makeup done.

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