Accentuating and Creating a Waistline

Accentuating your waist is a great way to visually take ten pounds off your frame whether you have an hourglass figure or simply want to detract from the wider lower body portions of your pear shaped body.The waistline is an area of the body that is often associated with the “spare tire.” This is a layer of fat that resembles a tire that wraps its way around the mid section of the body.So if your waste appeared to be not as narrow as you wanted it, don’t get frustrated as there are quick fix, trick and solution for that.

The secret is having the right clothing style that will accentuate your waist and make you look slimmer. Thanks to the best fashion designers around the world for creating styles that will compliment each body type.

Belt it!
An excellent way to accentuate your waist is to use belts. Belts makes it possible for you to highlight the tiniest part of your waist, which could immediately make your bust appear larger and create the illusion of a hourglass figure. There are various types of belts, so be cautious when choosing one to wear along with your outfit. Wide belts can be helpful for an accessory when you want to create loads of attention to your waist area, however, if you have a short torso area they could make you appear shorter. Slender belts can be very effective if you put them on about an inch under your bust line, but should never be worn low on the waist or hips, as they will only visually add pounds to your appearance.

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