Health Corner : On Diet Supplement

Today, there are many people who are taking supplements for a variety of reasons. For instance, people who are on diet to lose a large amount of weight may take supplements to ensure they are getting the proper vitamins and minerals as they lose weight. They want to remain in good health as they slowly change their eating habits and include exercise in their weekly routines. Here are some other reasons why many people are choosing to incorporate supplements into their daily lives.

An individual who visits the doctor for a yearly check up may discover that he or she has a vitamin A deficiency. Naturally, the person changes his or her diet to include more foods that have vitamin A in them. Plus, to make sure that the deficiency is being addressed, the person takes a supplement. When the person returns to the doctor for a follow up exam, he or she will likely find that the vitamin A deficiency is beginning to lessen. A supplement is a quick way to help in the effort to correct a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Finally, some parents give their teenagers supplements that have been approved by their doctor. Teenagers are notorious for having poor diets! They often need a little help in getting the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to grow. That’s why some parents are turning to supplements to fill in the gaps in a teenager’s daily diet. Parents and others can find supplement coupons at for a little extra savings.

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Health Corner : Safe Long Hours Working with Adjustible Tables

If you’re used to working a desk job, you’re likely familiar with the pain and fatigue that gets pent up after hours of sitting in the same position. Your bum may fall asleep and your joints get tight and you may just feel like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. It helps to get up and walk around a bit to shake the cobwebs from your body, but it likely won’t be enough.

As soon as you sink back into your chair, it’s only a matter of time before previous cramps and discomfort resurface with a vengeance. To combat this, there’s a solution you may not have thought of, and it’s as easy as standing around.

Essentially, it’s much healthier and easier on our bodies if we try to stand rather than sit for long periods of time. Our spines benefit from proper alignment because when we sit, we tend to to slouch and shift our vertebrae into awkward angles.

The result is a tense back and neck that will only become worse over time. By standing, our blood circulation is improved and we put far less stress on the body because the position we’re in is very natural. You can order tables that actually adjust to a height that’s suitable for standing.

They can also be lowered, so that sitting is also possible. You can order such tables easily online from many websites. also hosts many products to choose from. Click here to see more adjustable tables.

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Women’s Health – Combat Osteoporosis

Let’s take a break from beauty and fashion for a bit and focus on Women’s health for a while. Anyone can get osteoporosis, but women are much more likely to get it than men. Women develop less bone mass than men. Then, for several years after menopause, women also lose bone at an increased pace because their bodies are producing less estrogen.

But this doesn’t have to happen. Anyone can take major steps to prevent osteoporosis without ever going to a doctor. And anyone who already has this bone-weakening disease can do a lot to halt its progress. unfortunately, the weakening of bones can be taking place very quietly for years, even decades. Most people reach their peak bone mass in the spine between the ages of 25 and 30 and reach their peak bone mass in long bones such as the hip – from age 35-40. After we pass this peak bone mass age, and especially after 45, all the bones in the body begin to lose density.

As you are about to see, you have many weapons in your arsenal.

Exercise to build bone
If you don’t exercise, you lose bone. But there is even more reason to exercise. A number of studies support the theory that weight-bearing exercise can actually increase bone mass. Those who runs regularly were found to have 40 percent more bone mineral content than the non runners.

Even walking helps your bones, doctors say. Walking is an excellent, not to mention safe, way to get your bones the exercise they need. They suggest walking at least 20 minutes a day, three or four days a week.

Get enough calcium in your diet
Have up to 1,500 milligrams of calcium everyday. Calcium phosphate in milk is an excellent source. Low-fat cheese and yogurts are also high in calcium. And skim milk offers the same calcium as regular milk without the fat. Other high-calcium foods include red salmon, sardines, nuts, and tofu. Also, some citrus juices are not being sold as calcium fortified.

Fortify your meals
Add powdered nonfat dry milk to soups, casseroles and beverages. Every teaspoon is worth about 50 milligrams of calcium. And no fat!

Make soup
If you use a little vinegar when preparing stock from bones, the vinegar will dissolve the calcium out of the bones. One pint of your soup, then, will be equal to about a quart of milk in calcium content.

Pinch-hit for butter
For both good taste and calcium content,Parmesan cheese is a fine substitute.

Take a Supplement
Calcium supplements can work small wonders – especially for people who have trouble absorbing natural sources of calcium. There are a host of calcium supplements on the market, but what works for others may not work for you. Calcium carbonate is well absorbed in the stomach by most people if taken in divided doses and with meals. It is also the least expensive and offers the highest amount of calcium per tablet. Ask your doctor if a supplement program would be of benefit to you.

Get enough Vitamin D
It is essential to calcium absorption. Vitamin D is important to calcium in two ways. First, it increases absorption of calcium in the intestines and second it increases reabsorption of calcium through the kidneys.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you may think you’re getting more than enough Vitamin D. Because we wear clothes, maybe 10 percent of our needed Vitamin D comes from the sun. A minimum of 400 international units per day is the amount of vitamin d we need. If you don’t get outdoors, you may need 800 international units a day. Get vitamin D from 8-ounce glass of milk (125 international units), Salmon, sardines and tuna are our best natural sources of Vitamin D. Doctors generally do not recommend Vitamin D supplements, as high levels can be toxic.

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