Would You Wear The World’s Weirdest Shoes?

Fashion is no doubt a STATEMENT of oneself, taste, status and even belief. It has brought a lot of stuff to the world, from sassy, classy to crazy! Speaking of crazy, some shoe designers decided to create something “out of the box”. Fashion can really be outrageously funny and ridiculous!

So, these are shoes – actually the weird ones, wearable but just unusual. Would you wear these?




Looks like this can bring you anywhere! Your ride right at your feet. I can pull this off!



And this one is just – uhhhmm..dangerously colorful!

weird shoes


How about getting close to the sea with this seashells at your feet for a walk?

basket shoes


Standing by – well not my windows, but literally standing on windows, or a basket perhaps?

jeans snickers


Now who needs jeans when you have the sneaker + jeans in one with you? All you need is a top and you’re good to go! πŸ˜›

giraffe-shaped shoes


Giraffes need not to be found only in the zoos! You can be one too! I mean, wear a giraffe shoes.


sticky gum


What a way to troll them effortlessly and fashionably! This baby with stuck heels can probably get a lot of attention.

hungry shoes


Hungry? or probably trying to make them feel starved by just looking at you walking around on these sandwich shoes.

sport shoes


Now, this is fun! Need I say more? πŸ˜›

odd barefoot



Looks like someone had so fun decorating her shoes that she can’t stop!

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