Beauty Tips – 10 Things You Should Know About Makeup

by pinksoda

Makeup is essential for every woman and it is very vital that we know these very important beauty tips when it comes to choosing, using and taking good care of every makeup component we have.

  1. If you are trying a foundation on your skin to check the color, apply a small amount on your jaw — the area where you want it to “disappear” and blend seamlessly onto your neck. Testing foundation on the back of your hands like many of us usually do makes no sense, because we are not going to use it anywhere except our faces.
  2. Eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc.) should be discarded after 3 months. In that span of time, it can gather enough bacteria to infect your peepers.
  3. “Two-way” foundations as we call it means it can be applied to the face using either wet or dry sponge.
  4. Concealers now come in different colors to hide specific flaws. White is for the dark circles under the eyes, blue is for fresh blemishes and broken capillaries, and yellow is for dark spots on the skin.
  5. Thank heavens manufacturers discovered cream and pigment! otherwise our lipstick would have been like the olden days which were made of fish scales! Aren’t you glad you live in modern times? 🙂
  6. Mousse is the sheerest form of makeup. Liquid gels deliver a bot more color.
  7. Lipliner does not make the lips look bigger, but they do make your lips appear fuller and pouty.
  8. Makeup in powder form will look cakey and will emphasize lines on an elderly woman’s face.
  9. Light eyeshadow on tired (puyat), puffy eyes will only make matters worse.
  10. Putting your lipstick in the fridge won’t make it last longer. Even if it does, you should discard it after a year.

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