12 Makeup Tips for the Face

by pinksoda

Most women are contented with just pressed powder and a lipstick and then they are good to go. I am guilty of the simplicity oftentimes. There’s nothing wrong with being simple, in fact, it takes courage to go out in an almost bare face.

BUT! Whether we like it or not, there will be times where we need to glam up. Or perhaps the time will come that you will realize that a little everyday makeup makeup is necessary. When that time comes, I hope these tips will help.


makeup tips for women

Here are some tips to aid you in both taking good care of the face and some little makeup tips.

  1. First, a clean and healthy face is a great canvass. Maintain it naturally or have it professionally analyzed and treated when it is necessary.
  2. Using Powder over a cream blush is a big NO NO! It can cake and look unnatural.
  3. Experiment with the consistency of your makeup base so that natural skin shines through, by mixing it with a dab of moisturizer or a drop of rosewater, depending on whether your skin is dry or oily
  4. For a sheer, pretty look, apply foundation with a moist sponge
  5. Less makeup is best; the more sheer your makeup base is, the less makeup you will need to look good.
  6. Avoid contouring your face, it looks very artificial (if you are not good at it). Leave it to the professionals.
  7. Make it a point to blend. Makeup should never look obvious; it should just enhance the skin and facial features.
  8. For a tanned look, you can make your own foundation color by blending a little brown eye shadow in the palm of your hands and mixing it with your base, adding a drop of moisturizer. The amount of shadow you use will determine the intensity of the hue.
  9. Never use moisturizer under your foundation if your skin is oily. Your makeup will streak. Instead, use a makeup primer.
  10. Finish makeup with an application of baby powder all over the face. It takes on the colour of the base and provides the same effect as translucent powder.
  11. Liquid makeup changes color because of the acidity of your skin. In most cases, it turns orange so make sure that there isn’t any orange base to your makeup; a peach shade, for instance, is to be avoided. It’s better to use beige shades: you can never go wrong with beige or a light tan colour. Use a face blotter used under makeup, this will ensure color stays fresh for ten to twelve hours.
  12. Do NOT apply blusher near your eyes. It will make the face look rounder.

And here’s the order of your makeup routine:

  • Prepare skin with a cleanse/tone/moisturize ritual
  • Makeup base
  • Pressed powder
  • Eye makeup
  • Lip colour
  • Lastly, cheek color to balance your lip color

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