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Easy Way to Give Your Features a Boost

Let’s call it the BIG EASY! Give your features a boost and come out looking larger-than-life.

Think of that Big Hair
Pump some volume into your locks by giving yourself a blow out or curling your Hair. Digital perms require commitment, so go short-term by teaming up with a curling iron. Hair experts swear by this method: Prep your hair with your choice of curling product, then holding the rod vertically, wind a one inch section of your hair around the barrel. Don’t use the clamp; use your fingers tp hold the end of your hair for about 5 seconds, then unwrap that section to raveal a natural-looking wave.

LS Tip: Choose a curling iron with a barrel that’s one and a half inches in diameter for a voluminous finish.

Fill your Eyebrow UP!
To prevent overplucking, chief makeup artist for Lancome Philippines Gela Laurel, says to pluck one brow hair, push your hand mirror away from your face to see the effect (yes, one strand makes a huge difference on your looks!). Then switch to the next brow to balance it out.

LS Tip: Operative words here are “Fill in”, not “draw on”. Use light, feathery strokes and follow the natural shape of your arches.

No, not really literally, just those lips. When lip plumpers hit the beauty counters a few years back, think-lipped women couldn’t wait to get their hand on a tube. How these formulas work? They contain a mild irritants like cinnamon and hot peppers, which cause the thin skin on our lips to swell slightly. Some women swear by it, but most makeup artists say any gloss, when hit by light, will give you a fuller-looking mouth.

LS Tip: When adding clear gloss over your lipstick, concentrate on the center of the mouth, then blend outwards. An excessive amount can make you look like you smeared your lips with lard.

Wearing highlights — cream or powder formulas that add shine to your face can either simulate the morning-after glow, or a nasty oil spill. Bobbi Brown chief makeup artist Sebastian Tardif says highlighters are best worn at night., because they are designed to make you glow with the slightest hint of light. His secret: brush it on the top of your cheekbone (not your entire cheek) for a radiant shine.

LS Tip: Before giving yourself a faux glow, get rid of unwanted shine by prepping skin with toner.

Hyped-up lashes look great for glamorous night out, so load up on a mascara. When two layers isn’t enough bring out the big guns! False eyelashes. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so choose a pair according to the look you are going for. For a natural finish, individual lashes glued in between your own lashes are a great choice, while a full band is perfect for high drama.

LS Tip: To avoid getting unsightly gaps of skin between your lashes and your lash line, draw a line using eye pencil then proceed with sticking the false lashes.


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