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Jennifer Aniston Named The Hottest Woman of All Time

From beauty and fashion tips let’s go to an Icon of amazing timeless beauty and glamour. Jennifer Aniston was named as the hottest woman of all time by MensHealth.com. The website released their 100 Hottest Women OF ALL TIME where Aniston topped the list while the long been considered sexy Angelina Jolie managed to just stay in the 10th place. Do not confuse this with the Who were the sexiest women of 2011 poll as this is another thing from the magazine. This is what the magazine has to say about the beautiful “friends” and “horrible bosses” sweetheart.

Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny—she was invited to join Saturday Night Live before her big break with Friends. Her down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable, and anyone who’s seen her in Office Space has to admit she makes even pieces of flair look good. She rarely plays the airhead, and she seldom overplays a role: she’s funny in a quiet, refreshingly human way. And her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish. Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real.

So what is sexy for Jennifer? Gentlemen keep this in mind! Sexiest thing about a man—other than abs—is if he can make me laugh, has compassion, kindness, and an accurately sized ego.


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