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Tips for longer and lasting Nail Color

Colored your nails and in less than 3 days you see them coming off? Quite a disappointment and a hassle to do it all again! I can totally relate to that. Here are some beauty tips on how to do your nail polish to keep them on your nails longer.

For longer-lasting nail color: Dab some astringent or facial toner over your nails before applying any nail polish. This will remove all traces of oil residue and help the nail polish adhere to your nail, and last much longer.

LadySoda’s Tip: If you don’t have facial toner or other astringents on hand, the juice from a sliced lemon or lime will work just as well. (Just make sure you don’t have any broken skin or it might sting!)

Use a Base Coat – A very basic nail polish care tip is to begin with a base coat . The base coat provides a smooth surface for the application of your polish and protects your nails from stains.

Allow Adequate Drying Time – Though you might be running late and in a hurry, at least take the adequate time to allow your base coat to dry before applying your polish. This is a very important tip. Since the base coat is your foundation for longer lasting results, you want your foundation to be solid. If you intend to apply two coats, be sure to let the first one dry completely before applying the second one.

Apply a Top Coat – A top coat is usually a clear, shiny polish which gives your freshly applied undercoat polishes a shield of protection against those dreaded chips and peels.

Proper Layering – the layers should be in order, thick enough and not too thick. Also, try wrapping the polish across the edge and under the tip of the nail. This makes the nail polish thicken and thus more likely to stay on longer.

Don’t Use Expired Polish – Expired nail is certainly less likely to last and can actually harm your nails. Nail polish usually has a shelf life of two years. Any nail polish that has been lying around for longer than that should not be used. Some nail polish care tips suggest that keeping nail polish bottles in the refrigerator helps to preserve the polish.

Careful Treatment – treat your nails carefully after you apply your nail polish. Constant contact with soap and/or water tends to reek havoc on your polish. Wearing gloves when gardening or doing household chores that involve contact with cleaning substances and water will protect your nail polish from this havoc.

Strengthen Your Nails – one way to accomplish this is by using nail strengthening polish. The proteins and other ingredients in these types of polishes are designed to make your nails stronger. There are even some polishes that aid in the growth of nails. Strong nails are better equipped to withstand the everyday mishaps that tend to bend, crack or chip weaker nails. Thus, polish applied on strong nails has a better chance of lasting longer than similar polish applied on weaker ones.

Try Gel Nail Polish – Gel nail polish is a recent invention which gives a more natural and smooth look to nails. Due to its ability to dry quickly under a UV light and its higher level of resistance against chips and other damages, it last longer and requires less care.


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