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How to Make Your Lips Sexy and Kissable

Everyone has different facial features that they are fans of – either that they are proud of themselves, or that they appreciate on others. Maybe it’s big eyes, a sweet smile, straight white teeth or a good jaw – but in many cases it will be the lips. Your lips are one of the most sensual and attractive parts of your face, being the part you kiss with, the part you eat with and one of the biggest ways you display your personality. Having full pouty lips is one of the very best ways for a woman to get the attention of a man and get his mind racing, so here we will look at how to make sure that your lips fulfil their potential and really look the part.

Around the Mouth

First of all you need to think about the area around your mouth. When doing your makeup and generally dealing with your appearance it is important not to view your various features as isolated, but rather as parts of a whole – you can’t have great looking lips if you have crooked and ugly teeth because or too much hair around your mouth because people are going to see both at the same time. As such then, it’s important to make sure that you make the area around your mouth as attractive as possible which might mean waxing your lighter hairs, or might mean making sure that you clean your teeth thoroughly and are more careful with choosing what you eat. Another thing that can help is to give yourself a light tan with a self tanning moisturizer, a foundation or just good old-fashioned sun – this will make your teeth look whiter and generally make you look healthier and more confident.

Drawing Attention to the Lips

Now if you want to draw attention to your lips so that guys start staring longingly at them while you talk, you should use a bold color like a red, bright pink or purple. Doing this will demonstrate confidence and it’s a highly glamorous look that we have come to associate with Hollywood pin-ups. Dare to sport this look and you will stand out in a crowd and turn heads – and it will also make your smile stand out at a distance. One thing to note though is that you shouldn’t use too bright a lipstick if you are also going to use heavy eye makeup – otherwise your features will fight for attention and you will end up looking a little… well clownish which certainly is not what anyone wants. Choose one feature and go with that – and be sure to change this about from time to time so that it doesn’t get old (one of the great things about lipstick is how it can really transform your look).

Making Them Look Fuller

Now if you want to really look like a Hollywood starlet you need to work on getting a full and voluptuous pout and there are several ways you can accomplish this. One strategy that works well here is to use a lip liner the same color as your lipstick and to draw around the outside of your lip line rather than the inside. It’s subtle but just enough to make your lips look fuller. Another trick is simply to use a lot of lip gloss. This causes your lips to catch the light which in turn makes them look rounder and shows off their curves – and there’s no reason you can’t use a bold red lipstick and a coat of lip gloss to make your lips stand out and look fuller.

This guest post has been written by Sarah Barry, a beautician by profession who loves blogging about beauty and styling tips. She graduated from one of the most renowed esthetics school in Washington D.C.


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