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Thrive and Spruce Teamed Up

Yesterday I was privileged to attend a forum of the breast cancer awareness by Thrive. Thrive CDO is a breast cancer awareness advocacy group in Cagayan de Oro City, Northern Mindanao headed by Ms. Karen Lluch, a breast cancer survivor herself. At the opening of the forum, Ms. Karen shared that Thrive is campaigning about the early detection of breast cancer to the women of CDO and Northern Mindanao, while giving emotional support and fellowship to breast cancer survivors. Personally I think this is a very noble advocacy, it’s great to know that we now have a venue to talk about cancer related issues. I love how Ms. Karen pointed out that having cancer is not a sentence contrary to what most of us thinks. Thrive is here to give support to those who have this ordeal.

Dr. Rhoel de Leon, a breast cancer specialist who chose to practice his profession here in Cagayan de Oro is working closely with THRIVE CDO. During the open forum he opened our eyes to a lot of truth about the most common cancer women suffered . Here are some valuable eye-opener and facts I took home with me after the forum. Thanks to Dr. Rhoel!

  • Breast Cancer is not preventable.
  • Early detection of breast cancer is the best proactive approach in defeating it.
  • Philippines has the highest rate of breast cancer cases in South East asia.
  • The size of the breast has nothing to do with a woman’s susceptibility to breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
  • Have a mammography annually when you reach 40 years old. If you are at the high risk of having it, have it at 35.
  • Breast implants does not cause breast cancer (correct breast implant)
  • Every woman should at least do self breast examination a week after their period.
  • Men can have breast cancer too.

spruce pinked pumps

Thrive CDO found a partner in Spruce in strengthening their campaign. In the effort to support Thrive CDO, Spruce Philippines launched its first Spruce PINKed Project naming the projects of Thrive CDO as its beneficiary. Spruce created a special line of trendy, fashionable, fabulous and above all AFFORDABLE shoes for every woman out there! Everytime you buy a pair of the collection, a portion of your money goes to Thrive CDO. How’s that for a charitable fashionista? It’s a common knowledge that Spruce has this reputation of selling durable and fabulous but expensive shoes! But  with Spruce’s PINKed collection, you can get to own a spruce shoes at a very affordable price. Check out some of the latest pieces sold currently at Spruce.

Doll Shoes Collection
Doll Shoes Collection


Visit Spruce Limketkai Mall and Centrio Ayala Mall branches to get your own pair and contribute to Thrive CDO’s advocacy to spread awareness. What’s more exciting with this collection is that it is updated monthly up to the latest trend so you will definitely never go out of style. Like Spruce PH FB Page to see more designs, updates on where to buy and order online! Add also Thrive CDO on FB and stay connected and updated.

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