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Strapless Heart Rate Monitors

The world of heart rate monitors requires continuous innovation to produce products that are not only precise, but also help athlete to perform at their absolute peak. is proud to offer the MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor, a heart rate monitor that continues on the path of innovation. This groundbreaking heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate without a chest strap yet still accurately measures your heart rate.

strapless heart rate monitor

This monitor utilizes cutting-edge optical for user-settable training options and heart rate monitoring that has never been seen before. Now you can use your favorite fitness apps right from your watch to give you an edge in your training. Since this heart rate monitor delivers at performance speeds, you never have to slow to down to get accurate tracking. It has been proven accurate even at performance speeds of up to 12 MPH (20 km/h). In addition to these features the MIO Alpha heart rate monitor features long battery life; up to ten hours with just one hour of charging time needed. You can also wear it as a sleek day watch for two to three weeks without charging when you shut off the heart rate feature. The MIO Alpha heart rate monitor is at the top of it’s class. Find it at

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