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My OPI Find

One of my pet peeves is a lousy and almost does not last nail polish (the type where it wears out the next day after application). I have tried local brands and nothing seem to really work for me. I figured it must be my oily nails or must be the lack of base coat or whatever! It’s really a hassle having to re-apply nail polish very often.

Tips for longer and lasting Nail Color

With my recent trip to my favorite “ukay” spot, I dropped by a local taiwanesse store to buy some school materials for the kiddos and I was so thrilled to see some OPI Nail Polish on their nail care section! Geeezzz! at first I thought it was one of those imitations stuff they are selling. I checked it out and found out to be authentic, and guess what?! it’s on sale! (50% off at that!). Check out the little “hoard” I indulged myself into.

OPI nail polish
I super love these shades :). Glitters!

OPI Nail Color
Finally, a nail polish that last! 🙂

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