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Absolute Essentials In Any Beauty Kit

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We spend an absolute fortune on beauty products every day and there are more emerging onto the market every day. It can get really confusing which is the best product to buy as they all extol their virtues and tell us that we really can’t do without that particular brand or item.

So, let me help you. Here are the essentials of what you absolutely must have in your bag. You may choose whichever brand you prefer and don’t be swayed by the latest, innovative and life-enhancing item. These are timeless and always will be around even as fashions and styles change.


What's in your bag ?

Everyone should use a moisturizer on a daily basis. In fact twice daily is better for your skin. It is essential to always apply moisturizer before you apply any foundation for makeup as this gives your skin a good basis and helps to keep the moisture sealed in for the day.

Face scrubs, cleanser and face mask

You should exfoliate your face at least once per week and there are some wonderful face scrubs around, or you could even make your own from ingredients you keep in the cupboard (oats, milk and honey, for example). Nourishing your skin once a week with a good skin mask will be particularly beneficial for those with thirsty or very dry skin in particular.

Tinted moisturizer

This is an absolute must in any girl’s makeup bag. The barely there makeup look is in, but some people have blemishes on their skin and like to cover it up. A tinted moisturizer does that without the need to apply heavy foundation. The hint of color (color-toned to your skin of course) gives the impression of healthy skin that has a slight sun-kissed element to it evens out all your skin tone and even hides wrinkles

My stock :)

Concealer stick

kiss and makeup

The concealer is very helpful in hiding minor blemishes. You must ensure you get the right shade for your skin or you will raw attention to the imperfection you are trying to hide.



Mascara is essential to accentuate your beautiful eyelashes. Some people feel that an eyelash curler is also essential, but if you get the right mascara you will find it adds definition and length to your eyelashes without the need to mess about with an eyelash curler. All in one job that is quicker and easier!


Not everyone likes to pluck their eyebrows, in fact, some people will go to a salon and have them done professionally, or will try eyebrow threading instead. However, regardless of whether you do it yourself or visit the salon you will need to attend to your eyebrows regularly to ensure they keep the nice defined look. After all, those stray eyebrow hairs will just keep coming back. Therefore, if you invest in a good pair of eyebrow tweezers not only will your eyebrows look perfect, but you will also save yourself some money too. There are a range of different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. I favor a pointed pair but not everyone likes this and some go for a flatter edge.



Of course! You should have more than one lipstick in your makeup kit. A natural looking one for the daytime that gives your lips just a hint of color, and you should also have one for the evening or for going out and this should have more color, and may even be vibrant if that is the look you want. Pay a little bit more for your lipstick as some cheaper ones can have the effect of drying out your luscious lips and that’s never a good look.

Lip gloss

Mouth of the South

Some people prefer to have a little shine on their lips rather than go for a lipstick. Therefore, buying a lip gloss does the trip wonderfully. Some lip glosses are a little tinted and some have a taste too. I used to have a strawberry flavor one but prefer flavorless these days.


(not essential for everyone though)

The eyeliner is one of those things that some people, would absolutely never be without and others never use it. However, it can give your eyes a range of different looks from subtle to bold depending on whether you have a liquid eyeliner or a pencil.

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