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Style Tips on Wearing White Jeans

So lately I have been contemplating on sporting white jeans but I was still a little skeptic. I have been avoiding white jeans or should I say wearing white jeans freaks me out for various reasons! I feel like I am prone to be messing it even before leaving home. But now that I am ready to try it, of course I need to check out the best way to sport it. Here are some styles you and I can try.

1. The black and white tandem
This is perhaps the safest combo. Pair your white jeans with black top, whether it’s a shirt or a cutesy blouse. It’s plain, simple, and they much perfectly. The lacey blouse is perfect for a casual but romantic date night :).
white jeans fashion

2. Go Pastel
Another nice thing with white jeans is it can basically go with any color so you won’t have a problem pairing it with pastel. In fact you can play with the colors from top to bottom! Pair it with either high heels or be more playful and go for strappy wedge. Check out my white and pastel mix and match!
white jeans style

3. White it Out!

Go all white! Personally I don’t think I can pull it off just yet (considering I am just starting with white jeans – I’ll probably go clean-freak with this). Clean, chic, and classy! White it all out!
all white fashion

4. Simple Casual
This I sure can sport. Simple, chic and comfy. The earth-toned color handbag completes the simple, laid back look. Perfect for a sunny day out with family or friends.
white jeans fashion tips

I don’t own a white jeans yet but now I definitely am sure to own one. I am looking into having a skinny, and a little bit distressed pair. Will share soon! How about you? Do you love sporting white jeans? If like me you are still contemplating, check out the lists above and see which one you’re comfortable sporting.


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