oval shaped brush
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Oval Shaped Brushes From BeautyMNL

Christmas came in a little early for me as I finally found the brushes I have been raving about for quite a while. I have seen them used by beauty bloggers and have seen them on makeup tutorials by youtubers I follow. It took me a while to get a set for myself because honestly it’s quite expensive and I am the type who does not really spend so much on stuff (yeah I am frugal :D). I’m glad I came across beautymnl.com because I finally found my own set of oval shaped brushes and take note, they are very affordable plus they were on sale when I got them! My eyes lit in excitement! So without doubt I made my order and tadaaa! here they are!

oval shaped brush

These are my fabulous 5-piece oval shaped uniquely-shaped brushes from brush works made with a revolutionary nylon fiber perfect for a smooth and poreless makeup finish.

oval shaped brush


  • Oval 10: Large oval brush blends on foundation, bronzers, setting, and finishing powders
  • Oval 8: A mid-sized oval brush that evenly applies blush, contour powder, foundation, setting, and finishing powders
  • Linear 5: A narrow brush that can be used for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and concealer products; can also be used to apply blush and contour kits
  • Linear 4: Small, slim brush sweeps on eyeshadow, eyebrow, eyeliner, and concealer products with control and precision
  • Circle 1: A small round brush that applies lip color, concealer, and eyeshadow, eyebrow powd

Beautymnl.com is an online shopping store where you can find different beauty products such as makeup of different brands, hair care products, skin care products, accessories, and beauty essentials you can think of! What I love with beautymla is the efficient delivery! I am located outside Manila so I was expecting to receive my order 5 days after my purchase but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the brushes just 2 days after I placed my order online! Wow! Kudos! I am seriously impressed! Do check out my review/vlog below (because I was so excited, I had to create one). My apologies for the video quality as the lighting was kinda bad but I do hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you again beautymla! I am definitely enjoying ’em brushes!

Giving this online shopping store two thumbs up for the amazing customer service, and for the great and affordable beauty products! Ladies you seriously have to check them out yourself! Chop! chop!


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  • Liz

    Wow it is fast, I should try shopping from them. This brush is like the trendiest thing lately, what’s so special about it te ems?

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