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Is it Better To Live Uptown or Downtown?

If you are given the chance to choose between living in the uptown and in the downtown, which would you choose? Quite a decision to make. Because we are talking about settling down, that means a lot of factors to consider as it could be your investment for a lifetime.

What are the things we consider in choosing where to settle down, or in investing for a place to live? There’s convenience. That is in terms of accessibility of the establishments like schools, transportation, malls, church, and even recreation areas. With these follows the need to be closer to employment opportunities. Oftentimes these convenience are available in areas downtown and living uptown means sacrificing these conveniences. The city life is definitely closer to a lot of things to which one can spend his free time.

Primavera City Living near shopping mall

With that said, does that mean that living in the Uptown does not stand a chance? Well, not in Cagayan de Oro. We have Primavera City, a high-rise, eco-friendly building built in distinctive ltalian design and world-class construction standards located at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro (near SM City Cagayan de Oro).

Primavera City is at the best location you can find in Uptown. How awesome it is to be living just few meters away from practically everything!

Shopping Mall
Shopping or dining is made convenient as Primavera City is just located beside SM City practically a few meters away. Definitely a time and money saver!

One of the factors considered by residents/occupants/investors is the school accessibility of the place. Primavera City is just few meters away from two of CDO’s sought-after schools and walking distance from the 64-hectare campus of the College of Agriculture Manresa Farm.

It is just along Pueblo Business Park and the IT Ecozone. The area is surrounded by commercial centers, hospitals, government offices, important educational institutions and a world-class 18-hole golf course among other things. Uptown CDO is a growing community that caters to different sectors of business and society so definitely it’s a great and ideal place to live in.

Know more about Primavera City. Visit or call 0917-792-1078 or (088) 880-5002.

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