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Seeing Nice View Lessens Stress

We are living in a world where stress seemed to be a normal thing to everyone. We get stressed out in so many ways that staying away from it is almost impossible. We get minor pressures that we hardly notice, to occasional traumatic situations which can cause ongoing stress. Well actually, small amount of stress is good and can even help you get things done but when the level of anxiety or stress spikes up that is where it becomes unhealthy as it can impact on your physical and mental health. Because of the negative effect of stress to our health, it is important that we are able to identify the things that causes our stress and also identify ways to alleviate or eliminate that stress.

Stress can be caused by different events in our lives. It can be Personal issues you have to deal with, Family and Friends, Employment or studies, Money, etc. Being under a lot of pressure, facing changes, responsibilities that are overwhelming to you, times of uncertainties. These are just some of the common stress triggering factors we encounter everyday. It is important that you identify these quick and do something about it.

Primavera City

One way of combating stress is living in a place that would help relieve the stress. A clean, peaceful, and with worthwhile views and scenery that you can see thus; taking your mind away from whatever is causing your stress. Actually, even by just looking at photos of nature or a painting in a quiet room has a greater cognitive boost.  This personally I experienced when I stayed at Primavera Residences for a quick vacation and some me time, calling it de-stressing. I absolutely love the fact that the place is quite, super neat, and close to everything I need. The condo unit where I stayed gave me the opportunity to have a glimpse of the amazing views I am showing below.

View from Primavera Residences Rooftop

Looking at the not so busy road at night from my room at the 9th floor took my mind off other things

Primavera Sunrise

And this view is just priceless! Woke up early to view this from my room at Primavera Residences

The next time you feel so stressed out, pause and remember to breathe. Remind yourself that you can choose peace no matter what is going on around you. Whenever you desire, you can retreat to that quite place. Be on your stress-free zone!

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