Boxing Workout and its Benefits

Hello there ladies and gents! I hope you are doing amazing. Have you been working on your fitness routine? I sure hope you are! If not yet, well, let me tell you, it’s never too late to start! like NOW! no age limit, no excuses!

As for me, I have been into this fitness journey for 4 years now. I was just talking to a friend who is in the same journey (from fat to fit) and I am amazed how time flies and that it has been this long since I made that decision to change myself and take care of my body.

I have been asked a lot of times by my friends which workout is the most effective in terms of losing the extra pounds and which one does it FASTER! Well to be honest, I will be a bit biased because I love weights training despite being in the trail running sport for 2 years now, so I would say lifting weights can shed off the extra pounds faster aside from it shaping your body. Most fitness models and coaches says the same, but don’t just take my word for it, do your own research.

Me Currently trying to stay fit and active
Knock Out Boxing and Fitness with Angel at Knock Out Boxing and Fitness

I mentioned in my previous blog – 6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey, to participate in an exercise or a sport that you love so working out and losing weight at the same time doesn’t become a tedious chore. I can recommend one, how about BOXING? Personally I find it such a lung-busting workout! Imagine exerting effort in throwing those punches while moving the rest of your body? I had the opportunity to do it again with one good friend who is also a health buff and an advocate of fitness and good health for women, Angel. It was her first time and we had a great time doing it that it felt like we were just playing, but oh boy! we were seriously sweating! Video below to prove how much fun we had!

What are the Benefits of Boxing?

Cardio and Calorie Burning
It is a high intensity training. From shuffling from side to side, punching, you rarely have the time to stop. It can burn up to 1000 calories (granting you go full force with it). As this is a high intensity training, you not only burn heaps of calories during the session, but for hours after the training session has ended.

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
This makes your heart and lungs work overtime to pump blood containing oxygen all around your body as you throw those punches. Boxing tests one’s cardiovascular system to the max, forcing the body to adapt by making your heart and lungs better at delivering oxygen. I personally love this part as a trail runner running ultra distances.

Muscle Tone Increase
If you just want to tone up without bulking, boxing is definitely for you! It results to a toned and defined physique as punching is a fast repetitive action that produces toned taut muscles as oppose to the slow, and heavy movements involved in body building that produces size or bulk.

Improved Core Stability
Every sport requires a strong core! Boxing can give that to you. It works more than your arms because those jabs, upper-cuts, and crosses target the abdominal muscles too! With each punch, you are getting an amazing killer core workout ;). Boxing requires lots of fast rotational movements and these core muscles will develop to allow you to punch hard without losing your balance.

Putting on the Hand Wraps

Improved Strength and Power
An ultimate full body workout you can always rely on. To correctly throw those punches, you use your legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Punching against resistance (pads and coach) allows all of these muscles to contract with more force and speed, thus; developing further your strength and power.

Stress Reliever
Okay, definitely food is NOT a stress reliever! Go box to release all the tension. While boxing is a physical activity that can help you get in shape, it has psychological benefits too. Hitting stuff can make you feel really good! take note stuff, not people! 😀

Boxing with KO Boxing and Fitness Head Coach Arman

So there you go! I hope that gives you enough drive to start already! Check out the nearest Boxing gym in your place and start throwing punches and get on your way to the new badass and more fit YOU!

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