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Why I Joined Young Living Essential Oils

My first experience with Young Living Essential Oils was way back 4 years ago. A friend from church introduced me to it and talked to me about how it is so good for our health. At that time, I wasn’t keen into investing so much (yes, I found it pricey) in stuff related to healthy living apart from my gym membership and some healthy food inside my fridge. I remember being so amazed with the taste of that lemon drink she instantly made by just adding few drops of lemon essential oil in a glass of cold water.

Fast forward to 2020, Young Living Essential Oils have become a big thing. A lot of my friends have joined and I thought that in this trying time of the pandemic, it is high time that I hop into the bandwagon and stay in it! Thanks to my sister in law who have been in YL for a little while now for all the help ensuring I get my kit.

So WHY did I join? Mainly for all the health benefits it offers, external and internal. Living an active and healthy lifestyle has always been important to me since I started my fitness journey and shed off a lot of extra pounds five years ago. After I got my Premium Starter kit, I sat down and dig a little about how essential oils are beneficial to ones health. So, I found that that the benefits of essential oils does not stop at providing a calming scent in a room. If you want to support your immune system naturally, support your emotions naturally, get relief from minor aches and pains naturally, have a healthy gut, be energized, maybe even lose some weight, then YES, you need the Young Living lifestyle! That is why I am thrilled to be in this and I am officially calling myself an oilbularyo! 😀 . Check out my unboxing vlog!

As of this writing, I am still learning about essential oils and I am definitely enjoying and still in awe of all the recipes and blends I found online that is great for the health and skin! In fact, I just finished blending my own facial serum using just 3 of the essential oils from my premium kit. I’ll be sharing the recipe in a separate post soon!

If like me you want to start life with Essential Oils as a part of it, enjoy a natural way to support your immune system, natural ways to relief pain and aches (headaches, tummy issues, etc), or enjoy an amazing natural way to improve your mood, and have a great uninterrupted sleep, definitely get your own starter kit and see for yourself why me and a lot more others are raving about this!

Click on HERE to sign up! or shoot me an email, or comment below (or on my Youtube Vlog) if you need help and assistance. **wink**

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