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Breaking Societal Expectations on Beauty: Finding Confidence through Breast Augmentation with Motiva Implants in the Philippines

Beauty? What’s beautiful? How are we able to assess beauty? If a particular function is beautiful, who decides? These old arguments do not have an official answer because, for me, it has always been “Beauty is in the beholder’s eye”, which seems quite true.

If you noticed, my blogs have taken it’s new course over the years and  I became focused on fitness, beauty tips, food, and lifestyle. These topics have a common denominator, which is boosting confidence and self-esteem. The reason is that I know that we women are so conscious and pressured both on our looks and feelings — even tending to feel insecure at our imperfections. As a result and way to cope with our “insecurities”, we invest in ourselves – something I don’t really see wrong.

In relation, many people (I say people because not just women), as a sign of self-investment opt for beauty enhancements. Primarily, the reason is to boost and rebuild confidence, and to simply achieve the look they want to achieve. Many asked me about my stand on plastic and cosmetic surgeries. To be honest, I have never undergone any plastic surgeries but, as an empowered woman who values women’s body choices, I can say there is nothing wrong with this as long as it makes you happy and affects you positively. After all, an empowered woman does whatever she wants, certainly without oppression and without control. 

Breast Augmentation in the Philippines

One of the rising plastic surgery procedures in the Philippines is breast augmentation. It is a procedure that enlarges a woman’s breast, which also corrects and enhances its appearance.  In this procedure, they use breast implants that are placed under the breast tissue or breast muscles to achieve the woman’s desired results. 

Women who have opted to have a breast augmentation have fought the stigma surrounding this surgical operation for years. Although this stigma is slowly lifting and the society has become more accepting  of this plastic surgery in general, when addressing their personal choice to get a breast augmentation, women must also maneuver the views of others.

Women with large breasts have often been depicted as too sexual, under-educated, and dependent on men for their happiness and fulfillment in life by stereotypes in television, advertisements, and even books. Thus the stigma rapidly established that women who have chosen cosmetic surgery to expand or reshape their breasts must be shallow, greedy, and looking to attract men. Ladies! Don’t let these thinking/judgement intimidate you!  Undergoing breast augmentation does not define a woman.. Most women want to have this plastic surgery done because it makes them feel better about themselves and increases their confidence. It’s all about yourself and not anyone else.

Considering Safety and Reliability Before and After Breast Augmentation

As the popularity of breast augmentation continues to roll, it is also vital that women who want to undergo this procedure should keep in mind safety and reliability. I want you to take note that there are various breast implants in the market and essential for you to look for implants that cater less complication rate. 

I browsed the net for reliable names when it comes to breast implants or augmentation and found that one of the breast implants that can assure safety and reliability is Motiva® Breast Implants. These implants have less than 1% complication rate (capsular contracture, double capsule, rippling, etc.) and 0 cases of BIA-ALCL, an immune system-related cancer associated with textured breast implants. They also have innovations that will cover you from worries as follows:

  • TrueMonobloc® Shell Configuration

This Motiva® Breast Implants feature is known to be their unique shell and gel properties configuration  that allows less traumatic surgery with no gel fracture and minimal scar up to 2 cm. If you ask me, this property is essential to be considered when you are planning to have breast augmentation because it ensures that the implant is strong and durable. Besides, looking at how it is featured, it can help make insertion easier and improves implant mechanical properties under stress. 

  • ProgressiveGel™ PLUS 

Motiva® Breast Implants have controlled viscosity and elasticity that provides optimum results with its patented gel called ProgressiveGel™ PLUS. It is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts and to prevent gel fracture. As I get to know more about the implant, this implant feature is developed to accommodate the patient’s desired shape, touch and feel of the breasts. 

  • SmoothSilk® / SilkSurface®

One of the features that make Motiva® Implants unique from the other implants is because of its patented implant surface. This surface is  bio-engineered cell friendly and is imprinted through 3D surfaces for 360 degrees controlled surface and optimal cellular response, very vital for implant safety. This is the main reason why Motiva® Implants have less than 1% capsular contracture rate and other implant complications. I am also impressed with how Motiva®  Breast Implants empowers women through this innovation. This feature is a concept of breast optimization that addresses safety and positivity for everyone. 

  • BluSeal® 

This feature is the first ever visible implant barrier layer indicator. This patented feature gives Motiva® Breast Implants a signature light blue tint, the first ever visible barrier layer to help surgeons visually verify the 100% integrity of the implant prior to insertion. 

On top of this all, you should not only consider choosing the safest breast implants, but also the best surgeon to operate. Take note, there are numerous surgeons in the Philippines but take your time to do your research and always look for board certification for additional credibility. 

The bottom line of this is that we have the right to decide for ourselves. Invest in yourself, why not? Undergo plastic and cosmetics surgeries, why not? It is not illegal to embrace change. After all, it is the only constant thing in this world. However, if you do want to make that change, be sure to always keep your health and safety in mind. Never be afraid to make changes for yourself, but always consider your safety. At the end of the day, do what you need to do for you, regardless of what other people feel or say. Your body, your decision! Your beauty is in your hands. 


  • Julia Hess

    This post has some great information about breast implants. I have come to the realization that our bodies change as we age and have children. I would never personally get breast implants but if they help make someone feel more beautiful then go for it.

  • Monidipa

    This might sound weird but for the first time, I am hearing of breast augmentation. But obviously, it will make you feel more confident!

  • Natalia

    If implants can help you boost your confindence, why not? Hopefully, I feel confident enough not to use them, but my friends would love to try such implants ou for suret! 🙂

    • pinksoda

      Me and my friends have talked about it too. It’s a topic women are becoming more open talking about. Motiva seemed to be a good fit. Digging further! Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  • Lyosha

    If you need it why, the hell, not. I am flat chested while most of my family is not (I took my great grandmother’s side in that). When I was a teenager I did wanted to have bigger chest but as I grew older I realized how benefit I have, how much more freedom of movement it gives me. also big breasts attracts males with greasy comments and aggressive courtship. But it is your body and if it makes you feel better go for it

    • pinksoda

      Definitely! I so agree with you. I personally have thought of it but I am too scared of anything needle lol! But I am all for empowerment and positive mindset. Whatever makes a woman feel beautiful 🙂

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