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Gaming a Way To Relieve Stress

People have different ways of coping up with stress, especially now in times of the pandemic where we are mostly confined at home. In my case it’s either doing outdoor activities or relaxing at home and play a couple of video games. I’m usually the outdoor type of person when it comes to looking for something fun to do, but due to the circumstances right now, doing the outdoor activities that I usually love to do isn’t really the best option. With that said, I kind of turned my attention into gaming. Although I’m not new to video gaming, I’ve recently been searching for games that would suit my taste without stressing my computer since it’s not really built for heavy gaming, I would say it’s best for casual gaming at least. And in my quest to finding the games that I would enjoy, I came across the popular gaming platforms such as Steam and Epic Games.

Both of them are very good choices when it comes to finding games that you will probably enjoy, some of the games are free and some might cost you a bit. I’ve recently been enjoying free popular titles on steam such as Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Warframe. All of them are great but it sucks that Warframe is a bit too much for my computer to maintain a decent amount of framerate. And of course let’s not count out Epic Games which has been very popular as well after they were consistently giving away triple A titles such as GTA 5, NBA 2K21. But as I mentioned, these were still too much for my computer to handle so I continued my search for games that I’ll be able to play and enjoy at the same time. I decided to turn to games that are playable in my web browser since I figured that it shouldn’t be a problem for my computer, and that’s when I found this website called

The site offers tons of free games to play without having to download anything. What I found neat about this site is that games are very well categorized so searching for games that would suit me wasn’t a problem at all. I personally love tower defense games so the first one I tried playing was their game called Endless Siege and playing it felt very satisfying. I also came across this game called Guardians Defenders of Mathematica which is basically a game based on Mathematics, and for someone who enjoys Math, it’s a game that I found really fun and so far my favorite among the games listed on the website.

From the looks of it, looks like’s core is consoles and the Nintendo era which I so love as it brings back childhood memories, back when life was much easier, less complicated, and fun! Glad to have found this amazing website so I can de-stress and reminisce at the same time.

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