7 Tips on Choosing The Right Lipstick Shade

by pinksoda


One of the many decision every women has to make is choosing the shade of lipstick to wear whether for a party or for everyday use. Well, I share the same sentiment! And yes up until now I can’t really stay loyal to one product or shade.

Check this top 6 tips in picking the best lipstick for you.

1. Thin lips
Colors to Try: Peach, pale pink, light beige, clear
Colors to Avoid: Red, dark red, dark purple, any shade of brown

If you have thin lips it’s better to avoid dark and bright colors and settle for softer, natural sheer ones. Start with outlining your lips with a lip pencil that’s close to the natural color of your lips and then fill them in with light pink or light coral or beige lipgloss. Try using Lip Plumping glosses to make your lips so much fuller.

2. Full lips
Colors to Try: Red, soft pink, berry, mauve
Colors to Avoid: None

With full lips, you have quite a few options. Obviously you don’t need plumping glosses, instead apply a small amount of clear gloss to the middle of your top lip for the same affect. I have naturally full lips, and find that I don’t need lip liner, and rose colours look the most amazing!

3. Daytime wear
Colors to Try: Pink, peach, berry, beige
Colors to Avoid: Anything too dark, as you will risk to look like a vampire

Your daytime look should be casual, so stick to sheer glosses or light colors, and simple eye makeup. If you are going somewhere special, glam up your daytime look with a bit more color on your lips – the right shades of pink and beige compliment everyone!

4. Night time colors
Colors to Try: Bright red, bright pink, mauve, beige
Colors to Avoid: None! Perfect time to Experiment!

Night time is the best time to glam it up, so dig out your browns, pillarbox reds and bright pinks. Remember that you should keep your eyes neutral if you wear a bright lipstick, and put some lipseal on to ensure that your colour lasts the distance.

5. For Teenagers
Colors to Try: Pink, peach, clear
Colors to Avoid: Anything too dark

Looking good is important when you’re a teenager, but it can be hard to get it right. To start with, avoid lip liner if you can. Instead, invest in a lipstick that comes with a lip liner, as these are sure to match up. Stick to peach for school days, and pink for casual. Find a colour that suits you, and that you love, and wear it with a smile!

6. Women in 20s
Colors to Try: Gold, fuchsia, berry, bright red
Colors to Avoid: N/A

Warm colours will show your youth, so make the most of it! Choose sophisticated golden tones for work and brighter fuchsia for night times. Try topping up the colour with a little glitter for instant sex appeal after work.

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