Are You Ready For That Halloween Party?

by pinksoda

It’s the time of the year again where the party people gets to dress up from being somebody else fabulous to something creepiest! Halloween no longer means just visiting the departed to their graves but it also means party to some and it definitely is now a huge thing not just to the Western part of the world. It’s an “event” some REALLY makes so much effort preparing.

So how about you? Do you have plans who/what you will be for the party? In case you are still thinking about it, these might help.

Angels and Demons – these are classic Halloween ideas especially if you are partying as a group or you run a themed Halloween party. This is probably among the easiest to idea to go for as the costumes and accessories are easy to find. I am guessing most ladies would go for the demon theme and “sexify” it (always works).

angels and demons

Be THAT Celebrity – Even celebrities themselves go for this halloween look! It’s definitely the best time to be that someone you admire the most or could be that person you least like (which I doubt) because likely you will rather portray someone highly regarded by you. Okay, not necessarily someone you look up to because we want something that’s easily recognizable. Think of Miley (oh! I definitely know how you’d pull this off!), Katy P., Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton or Nicki Minaj perhaps? These celebrities I think have sealed their public image that you can automatically tell by just looking at their hair!

celebrity halloween

That Movie Character – Oh yes! this one is probably one of the most favorites among halloween costume party goers. You can be a superhero, a villain, the funny dude/dudette or the creepy one. What’s great with this idea is, you have a super wide choice of movies to based your costume on. If you think Superheroes are too mainstream already, check out the movies that made it big and take your inspiration from there! Of course you’d want to take it from something that most people can relate, otherwise you’d probably spend most of your time explaining who you are AT THE PARTY! LoL!

movie character halloween

These are just few of the ideas most people would go for. There are still tons of ideas from subtle to crazy! Really depends on how creative you are. If you love makeup, you certainly can play with it big time! Here’s one example done by my friend Inyaki who by the way is an amazing makeup artist. Do check out youtube as well for more DIY halloween makeup.

cyborg halloween

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