Avoid Sensitive Skin Hassle

by pinksoda

Ever had your skin breakout after trying on a new product? This happens when your skin is sensitive. Your skin is less tolerant than normal skin types thus it can get irritated easily. How do you know if you have sensitive skin? Here are some things experienced by those who have sensitive skin.

1. Rashes or breakouts after trying on a new product
2. Skin dryness that leads ti flaky skin
3. Tight feeling after using a face wash
4. Skin turns red or blotchy when exposed to dry/cold winds.

sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, do not experiment so much with skin care products. Looking for the right sensitive skin product is definitely more challenging that picking up an anti-ageing cream or a whitening potion but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you already know what your skin needs.

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Here are some tips on choosing products for your skin.

1. Know your skin type because this will determine what type of products you should be using. There are oil control products, whitening or anti-ageing creams and there are products for those with sensitive skin.

2. Read the label so you know how the product works. Sensitive skin is easily irritated so you need products with soothing or anti-inflammatory ingredients, like licorine. This reduces redness and alleviates the tight feeling you get when your skin is irritated.

3. Say no to fragrances and no to colorants. Go for products which don’t have perfumes or too much preservatives, you will find that these products are the mildest and safest especially when your skin is the type to breakout right away.

4. Once you find the perfect product, stick to it. Don’t switch just because you became curious over an advertisement you saw.

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