Beauty Question : Cosmetic Sponge Tips

by pinksoda

beauty question 3 Hello my beautiful ladies! My schedule have been a bit crazy lately that I got a little bit sidetracked. All these school requirements and exams are making me nuts! (well just almost :)). I really miss the beauty question area! Now I’m back, hoping to stay on track for really a long time 🙂 despite my busy “student” life recently.

So on to our beauty question for today. Cosmetic sponge is among the most neglected cosmetic applicator and it’s quite concerning that a lot of women got used to let the sponge last uncleaned until the foundation runs out. Ladies, do take note that skin care and hygiene includes using a clean cosmetic sponge. Dirty sponge can lead to skin irritation, breakouts and other skin issues. It’s really not necessary to toss the used sponge (moreso if we super love it! – I have my favorite too.) , just make sure to have it cleaned regularly.

So the question now, is HOW OFTEN? and HOW DO WE CLEAN IT?
-Wash your cosmetic sponge every week with warm water and drizzle it with a facial soap. Rub the sponge using your fingertips and wash it with warm water until the water is clear. Air dry the sponge.

-If your sponge is not washable, it is advisable to replace it after 4 weeks. Also check if your sponge have lost their original shape, smells odd, or is starting to shred at the edges before 4 weeks, it’s time to replace it.

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