Beauty Tips Blush Make up for Asian Beauties

by pinksoda

Not all Asian complexions are created equal. As Asian women our complexion depends on what part of Asia we are from, there are many tones that make up the Asian skin tones. Good thing about it is most cosmetic companies understand that yellow is an undertone that suits the Asian skin best. Having too much beige or pink in your foundation is not really a good idea since will not blend into your skin.

asian women

Now in applying your blush on, remember that lesser is more. Do NOT overdo your blush on if you want to look like you’ve just been slapped by someone!

Try shades of Peach or Pinks with a little gold for that natural flushed look:


Quick tip: Where do you apply the blush: After you’ve done some light activity, where do you see you get flushed? On the apples of your cheeks… smile… that would look definitely pretty!

Ladies might neglect the importance of using the correct brush to use for their blush on. Keep in mind that using the right brush could make or break your appearance! Probably the best investment you can make in cosmetics is good quality brushes. Consider this 2 recommended blush brushes below.

The Slightly Tapered Blush Brush


Great for applying powder blush…. the rounded or tapered edges allow a smooth application and control when blending cheek color. Start at the apple of your cheeks and blend very slightly following your cheek bone. Use light strokes mixed with circular motions instead of the back and forth motions.

Angled Contour Blush Brush

angled brush

The soft-tapered bristles of the Bare Escentuals Angled Blush Brush fit perfectly in cheek contours for defined cheekbones with bare Minerals Blush or All-Over Face Color, and provide light-to-medium contour application. This is created to apply blush with a soft edge and mistake proof application. If you feel that you need a little help to create a more defined cheek bone, this will help you. To use this brush tap off excess blush colour and sweep onto apple of cheeks blending outward and downward. Just a small warning……..don’t apply to heavily.

Well, hope that helps friends! 🙂

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