Beauty Tips Eye Makeup – Cat Eyes

by pinksoda

cat eyesCat eyes are strutting down the streets again. The look, popularized by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn in the 60s has more than nine lives – resurrecting on classic Angelina Jolie, rocker Gwen Stefani and quirky Amy Winehouse. The two staples of this look are black and liquid eyeliner, and the wing -tipped end. Application can be tricky, but with these fool-proof tips, a steady hand, and lots of practice, you’ll get it perfect.



Dot your eyelid with cream concealer, then blend with your ring finger or a triangular sponge. Lightly dust loose powder on top of it. This evens out your skin tone and creates the perfect canvas for your liquid liner to adhere to.



Tilt your head back, then line your lash line with black eye pencil. “This prevents that unsightly gap of flesh between your lash line and the liquid liner, “says Lancome chief makeup artist Gela Laurel.



Lightly pull your eyelid taut and create small short strokes on your upper lashline. “Use your lower lashline as a guide for your wingtip – that’s what you follow to create the upward, outward flick,” says Laurel.



Clean your lashes with a cotton bud to avoid getting the liquid liner on the area under your eye. Wait 30 seconds for the eyeliner to dry. Curl your lashes and swipe on a layer or two of mascara.

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