Choosing the Right Shoe

by pinksoda

Because each of us has different needs, no single shoe is best for one and at the same time to the rest. Whether, you are looking for sandals, slip-ons, high heels, pumps, flats or running shoes, it is very important that they are not only affordable but also comfortable. I personally consider the comfort above everything else. While the design catches the eyes right away, the comfort when worn is something I highly considered. For me there’s no specific brand when it comes to choosing my comfortable shoes for walking or even for my running needs.


choosing the right shoes

I follow the following guidelines and simple tips in choosing the right shoes for me.

  1. Identifying the need or use of the shoe I will be buying. For example, women looking for shoes to pair with that dress, usually the design is our concern and how it would look perfect with the dress. Also consider how much walking will you be doing in wearing them, it boils down again to comfort.
  2. Sole Material – if you like it quite, comfortable chose the soft soled ones. Hard soles can leave a mark on the floor and it’s tapping can be quire distracting.
  3. Perfect Fit – this means carefully considering the length and width of the shoes. Make sure that you fit both of them before buying. If purchasing online, you may seek for assistance from the customer service to assess the right size for you.
  4. Prize is not everything – while most of us want to save, keep in mind that too cheap shoes will not last as long or worst, it is awful to wear! Do not just buy because it is cheap. Make sure that the quality is there also.
  5. Don’t buy based on commercials – keep in mind that these athletes/celebrities are paid to endorse the brand so it is not surprising that they are all praises to it. It is much better to consider your personal needs and your opinion matters! Like big time!

Those are just simple and quick tips in choosing and buying your shoes. Just remember, do not compromise comfort and quality! If you have more, please put them on the comment box below and let’s exchange notes! J

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