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Ever had trouble choosing the swimwear that’s right for your size and shape? I must agree that most of us women really have no idea on how to choose the right swimwear for us. No worries! I made a research to be able to help ourselves understand our body shape and fit into the right swimsuit to make our summer adventure even better! Here are the important details we have to consider in choosing your swimwear.

  1. Knowing and Finding your right size
  2. Trying on the swimsuit
  3. Choosing the right shape
  4. Understanding fibres and fabrics
  5. Caring for your swimwear

Plus Women

Calculating your Correct Size (Finding the Right Size)
You have to measure your Torso Size. To do that, First measure using a tape measure 150 cm (59 inches) or longer. Start at the middle of the shoulder, move down across the high point of the bust, through the legs and up the back to the starting point. Repeat on the other side. This measurement is not to be confused with your bra measurement. Your measurement is equivalent to the sizes available in stores.
For example your torso measured 165, that means you are a size 12 in Australia and 14 in US. Check out table below

Centimetres Size (AUS) Inches Size (USA)
150 10 59 8
155 12 61 10
160 14 63 12
165 16 65 14
170 18 67 16
175 20 69 18
180 22 71 20

Measure your Bra Size
Bra sizes consist of two measurements – your body size and your cup size. Your underbust measurement equals your body size, and your overbust measurement minus your underbust measurement, which when calculated using the chart provided, gives you your cup size.

First measure around the body under the breast, this is your underbust size. Check the chart below to determine your size in AUS or USA measurements.

Centimetres Size (AUS) Inches Size (USA)
70 10 27.5 8
75 12 29.5 10
80 14 31.5 12
85 16 33.5 14
90 18 35.5 16
95 20 37.5 18
100 22 39.5 20

Measure Your Cup Size
Measure around the body over the breast, this is your overbust size. Now let’s calculate the difference between your overbust and underbust measurements.

Underbust Measurement (ex. 80cm) – Overbust Measurement (ex. 95cm) = 15 cm difference.
Check on the table below to your your cup size

entimtres Inches Cup Sizes
13 5.1 A
15 5.9 B
17 6.7 C
19 7.5 D
21 8.3 DD

Trying On The Swimsuit
Don’t just buy it because you think it looks good, it’s your favorite color, the design is nice and so forth! You have to try it because we might see different results afterwards. To save us from the hassle of bringing it back to the store and to save us money, let’s ensure that we fit it first before we pay. Folllow these simple tips to fit it correctly.
Fold the suit halfway down and hold open. Step into the suit and ease it on gently.
After the suit is pulled up over the hips, the top should be drawn smoothly over the rest of the body.
Lean forward to allow the breasts to fall naturally into the bra. Secure the fastenings, if any, adjusting the straps if required.

The Bra must fit just under the bust, firm enough to support you. Your swimsuit should be long enough to stay put when you walk. It will ride up if it is not long enough. Stand, sit, bend and walk to ensure that the suit is comfortable. It must fit comfortably right round each leg, cupping your bottom and not riding up. The straps must not cut in or sag. If the suit cuts, bulges or rides up, try a different style or larger size. If it droops, try a smaller size.

Choosing the Right Shape
Find the right style – one that flatters and enhances your looks. A suitable silhouette can actually disguise figure problems.

Long Body
Choose styles with waist bust seams, high legs and low necklines to reduce body length. Avoid verticals.

Fool the eye with fabric or styling that pulls the eye away from the tummy. Look for styles that have front power net lining.

No Waist
Look for styles that create an illusion of a waist. Try mitred vees, crossovers or central panels. Avoid plains or bikinis.

Small Bust
Emphasising contours will visually enhance the bust-line. Bold prints or colours will flatter. Avoid straight across bandeaux.

Large Hips
Draw attention away from the hips to the top half of your body. Choose styles with bust details, vertical stripes or dark colours.

Short Body
Vertical stripes or prints will make the body look longer. Lower necklines and plunging necklines will elongate the body.

Large Bust
Pay attention to support, comfort coverage and details that will deflect the eye from the bust-line. Try underwires, cups, sweethearts and crossovers.

Large Sizes
Strong bold prints will break up the body line. Vertical and mitred stripes, crossovers and skirts will help conceal. Use wide straps for support.

Understanding fibres and fabrics
NYLON is used for most swimwear. Man-made, nylon is strong, abrasion-resistant and lightweight.
POLYESTER is also strong, resilient, wrinkle resistant and washes easily. Best when used in blends with cotton.
COTTON is a natural fibre which is strong, inexpensive and absorbent, and comfortable in hot weather.
ELASTANE is a synthetic stretch fibre which is present in most swimwear, being blended with nylon, polyester or cotton. It gives swimwear its stretch and resilience.

TRICOT is a technique of knit which produces adequate two-way stretch. Either smooth or structured, lustrous or matt, plain or printed.
JERSEY is used mainly in cotton and cotton polyester blends. Elastomeric is required to prevent sagging.
WOVENS are mainly used for coordinated beachwear items such as sarongs, skirts and shirts.

Caring For Your Swimwears
Warm hand wash with mild soap rinse after wear in cool water drip dry out of direct sunlight.

Use strong detergents or bleach roll up when wet dry clean or iron tumble dry.

Contact with rough surfaces excessive contact with suntan lotions and oils harsh chemicals present in some pools and hot spas.

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