Fashion and You Choosing Your Underwear

by pinksoda

On Bras – look for the perfect fit
About 75 percent of all women wear bras that don’t fit. Though they are not undergarments, it is still important to check out their features carefully to be a part of the minority.

  • HOOKS – a single hook looks very neat, but it is not practical for fuller busts/breast. A fastening with two or three hooks is much more comfortable and supportive for everyday wear.
  • STRAPS – all straps should have adjustable levels fir the hooks to accommodate fluctuation of weight or washing changes. A stretch bra with Lycra will get bigger over time and a firm cotton woven bra will shrink.
  • SIZE – women often wear bras that are too big in size and too small on the cup, making the elastic ride up the back instead of staying straight at a horizontal angle from the front. Unless a bra fits just right, it could ruin the shape of your bust. Never buy a bra without trying it on.
  • STYLE – have a wardrobe of lingerie — casual looks call for simple, comfy styles; sexier looks for lace, maybe even a thigh-high and garter belt. Have fun with it! Remember to switch to smooth-seamed cups for knit shirts and wear the appropriate color: wear a nude colored bra with light tops; black with dark. Make sure your straps don’t show. Switch to strapless if they do.

On Panties — Choose Wisely, not cheaply
Here are tips to remember when you go shopping for panties.

  • Go Nude. Panties in a color that nearly matches your skin tone are the best choice to wear under white and light-colored pants. White underwear under white pants is too obvious.
  • Black on black. Never wear light underwear under black. You may not notice it as you dress at home, but as sunlight or a camera flash hits you, the white will shine through like an unwelcome beacon.
  • Consider your clothes. Clingy cuts and fabrics call for either a thong or a full-cut panty. Bikinis might be your best bet for jeans and thick cotton pants. For low jeans, go for low cut underwear too.
  • Don’t rule out thongs. It’s just a necessity in some cases. With so many styles to choose from, you’re likely to find one that’s comfortable enough. If you’re just not a fan of thongs, try full-cut panties. In the right size, they offer the best panty line free alternative

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