Christmas Shopping Tips

by pinksoda

shoppingcart.jpgIt’s December ones again! I didn’t notice how time flies by so fast. Shopping malls are getting busier and busier each day as the Christmas Eve approaches. Tis the season to be jolly, the season of giving and sharing. Season for endless parties where the dieters commits mortal sin by ruining their usual dieting routine! Oh well..that’s Christmas. So! when Christmas bell starts ringing it’s definitely time to shop for gifts! I know most women out there of all ages are facing all these shopping dilemma in the world!

Find these Christmas Shopping tips helpful

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

I know most of us are guilty in adding our own stress level by doing last minute Christmas shopping! It always happens to most of the ladies out there!

Imagine when you shop on Christmas Eve you’re going to have to fight the crowds, choose from limited merchandise, and wait in long lines. So buy your gifts little by little, beginning in November, and you can avoid last-minute shopping fiascos.

2. Make a list

One way to save money this Christmas would be to prepare a list well in advance. Prepare those pen and papers and write down all of your gift ideas. Always take that checklist with you when you go shopping This way, you’ll know exactly what you need to buy and you’ll be less likely to forget anything. Don’t head out to the store only with your credit card in hand. Impulse shopping can keep you up at night worrying about bills!

3. Set a Budget

Are you still paying for Christmas gifts in January and February? Work out a budget and stick to it. Buy only affordable gifts and you’ll find it much easier to pay off your holiday credit card debt. But of course quality does matter! Remember you are giving the gift to your loved ones so look for durable items that will remind your recipient of your love throughout the coming year.

4. Look for Sales

Watch store ads and be on the lookout for holiday sales. You can save a pretty good chunk of money because almost anything you may want to buy eventually goes on sale.

If you’re up to it, consider taking advantage of “After Christmas Sales” to get supplies and gifts for next year. You’ll have to put up with the crowds, but it may be worth the money you’ll be saving and the satisfying feeling it gives.

5. Buy Extra Gifts

Yes, life is full of surprises! There might be unexpected guests coming so save yourself from the embarrassment or of guilt by being prepared! Find some “generic” items on sale that can be for a man or a woman, and purchase a couple of extras. Wrap them up and put a sticky note on the box stating what the item is.

6. Shop Online

If you want to avoid the Christmas rush, indulge yourself in shopping online! But be sure that the website has SSL technology. You definitely want your credit card information to stay secure. Further, if you don’t receive your purchased item, you can contest the charge.

7. Save Receipts

Be prepared for broken items, wrong sizes and duplicate gifts. Always save shopping receipts for 90 days after your purchase. This is about how long stores will allow a returns for unwanted items.

8. Don’t wrap right away

Check your item thoroughly before you thrown on the fancy wrapping paper. Also remember to remove the price tag and other purchase particulars. But when you do the wrapping, remember that Christmas gifts are more than just gifts. They reflect the sentiments of the giver. So save a little money to wrap up your gift in a special way. You can even add a customized note to each family member.

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