How To Clean up your Closet

by pinksoda

closet.jpgCleaning up your wardrobe / closet is a good start to organizing your life in the New Year. After all a fashion makeover begins in the closet.

So what’s in your closet? Check your closet and see if any basic pieces are missing, if anything is out of style, if they are the right color for you or if anything should be thrown out…

Start the year by having less clutter in your life, start it with your own closet! (eherm..i’ll have to do that myself too). Here are quick and simplified way to make our lives easier. Go thru your closet and PULL OUT everything that:

No longer fits you.
• Needs all but the most simple repair.
• You absolutely despise.
• Was an unfortunate gift from your daughter or best female friend.
• Looks “funny” to you.
• Hasn’t been worn in two years.
• Is old but sentimental like your sorority or letter sweater

This won’t be hard for you because you are not throwing away all those, especially those with sentimental value (if you’re the sentimental type). You can either give them away and those stuff you can’t let go yet, place them in a box maybe even the kind that fits under the bed. Whatever is still in the box by next season can go to your local thrift store. Or leave it there two years if you need that warm, fuzzy feeling of string saving. But eventually these clothes will be gone

Now check your closet, quite spacious now huh? Now what’s left is a beginning of excellent wardrobe. It’s another year of filling up that closet again!

So as you dress up for the rest of 2009 each time, it will be pleasant and an easy task.

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