Crombie: Not just for Men

by pinksoda

As I have gotten older my taste in fashion has not diminished as such but I have come to appreciate quality and elegance over frivolity and quick passing trends. My father is a traditional British gentleman and my overall memory of him is him wearing a fitted suit looking smart and distinguished. Furthermore, my husband has come a long way from casual jeans and sweaters to developing a real sense of style (heavily influenced by yours truly of course!). When he first began wearing formal suits it was down to his new career and since then his wardrobe has only improved.


Something as important as a suit should be considered an investment as well as a purchase; choosing the right one from the right manufacturer will see you through for years. Spending a bit more for a real quality garment is a motto I have inherited from my mother; this is why Crombie has become a cherished company in my family. My husband’s first suit of theirs was a classic fit wool in dark navy; that suit is probably what got him ‘hooked’! Crombie’s fitted shirts complement their suits and also stand alone – they are fantastically versatile. The feel of the cotton is superior to many others he has worn and the detailing in the stitching and buttons warrants top marks.

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tess June 12, 2012 - 5:25 pm

I like formal suits, my husbans has some but not as expensive like others,as long as it fits him well and he likes the style then that is it.


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